How To: Turn your Android device into a wireless microphone for your computer

If you happen to need a microphone on your computer but for some reason you don’t have one, your Android can easily solve your problem. Sure, some computers have built-in microphones but not all of them. And even if you actually have a mic, it’s no use if it doesn’t work properly.

The obvious solution would be to buy one since you can find a decent microphone for very little money. But I’m thinking emergency here – for those times when you really need a working mic, but no chance of getting one right away.

Well, worry not, your Android device can work as a microphone perfectly. You can use it as a wireless mic via WI-Fi or Bluetooth, or connect it to your computer through a USB cable.

There’s this tiny app called WO Mic, that can solve all your problems and it’s absolutely free. It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems, although for the latter you can only use it via Wi-Fi.

The first obvious step towards transforming your Android into a microphone is to install it, so go ahead and do that.

Download Wo Mic (Google Play)

If you want superior audio quality, and no ads then you should go for Wo Mic Pro, available for $3.99.

If you’d like to connect your device as a microphone through USB or Bluetooth, all you have to do is to plug it into your computer or enable Bluetooth on your device and pair it with your PC. To use it via Wi-Fi requires a few extra steps you can see below.

This app has a desktop client you need to install to use the Wi-Fi connection.

Wo Mic Client for Windows (direct download)
Wo Mic device driver for Windows (direct download)

Mac owners will have to install a different package. There’s a chance you’ll have to adjust your system’s security settings to open it. The easiest solution would be to control-click the file and select ‘Open’.

Wo Mic Client package for Mac (direct download)
        Now that you’re set up in the software department open the Wo Mic app on your Android. Then open it’s Settings and choose Transport – “Wifi”. Alternatively you can use the “Bluetooth” or “USB” connection options.
        You should select the Audio source depending on what you want to use it for. The Settings window also lets you change the media and control port, but you can just leave the default values (it works fine like that) unless you know what you’re doing.

Wo Mic main

Now you can return to the app’s main page, tap on Start and copy the IP address that’s displayed there.

Wo Mic Client

Launch the Wo Mic Client on your computer and enter the IP address you just copied. Then you can click on the Connect button.

To see if it works, just check the ‘Play in speaker’ option and speak (or sing if that’s your thing) into your Android device.

Some users have experienced latency problems using Wo Mic, although it worked fine for us. If you try the app do tell us if it worked for you in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.