How To: Turn Off Mobile Data Usage on Android

If you were lucky enough to tap into unlimited data plans back when they were still available with many carriers, you probably never wondered what mobile data usage stands for. However, after most carriers killed this feature off, most of us subsist on tiered data plans that urge us to monitor our mobile data usage at all times.

Some carriers offer limits as low as 1GB, so often times you exhaust that limit before the end of the month This is when you need to toggle data usage off to avoid huge bills and penalty fees at the end of the month.

Luckily, Android operating system makes this process quite straightforward and simple. To make things simpler, Android allows its users to set mobile usage data limits and automate the process. You will no longer need to monitor the data usage and let your device do it for you. Once you reach the allotment limit, Android notifies you that you need to put a cap on your data until the next month.

Data usage

Here is how you can TURN MOBILE DATA OFF:

Go to Settings. You can do this by pulling up your notifications bar, or by tapping on the Apps icon and finding Settings in the list of apps.

When in Settings, you will see Data Usage on the list, and in the majority of Android devices it is the third option from the top.

Tap Data Usage. You will see the amount of data usage you have exhausted over the past month.

If you wish to turn off mobile data usage, simply tap “Off” at the top.

Here is how you can SET DATA LIMITS:

If you are on a tiered data plan, this is your best option to avoid exceeding your allotted data.

Go to Settings -> Data Usage -> study the graph and from there you can drag the orange warning bar to the limit of your allotted data.

The next time you approach the limit, your device will warn you with a notification shortcut to this Data Usage Screen.

One more important notice: make sure you set your Data usage Cycle according to your wireless carrier’s billing cycle.