Tweak-7: PC optimization tweaked for Windows 7

Most of the PC optimization software supports various Windows editions, from oldest to newest. Tweak-7, is an exception as this application was designed specifically for systems running under Windows 7.

Offering more than cleanup tools, Tweak-7, includes several sets of tweaks, just like its name says, to ensure that your system is not just clean of useless, performance-impairing data, but also running with optimized parameters.

Installation & Requirements

Tweak-7 provides the possibility to create a system restore point before starting the install process. Other than that, users can choose their shortcuts and enable/disable integration into Control Panel.

Using the trial version of the program will cause occasional pop-ups of a Welcome screen prompting you to buy the full version. Since Tweak-7 was designed specifically for Windows 7, it runs on all 32 and 64-bit versions, but it doesn’t support other Windows editions.


Tweak-7 comprises tons of options, tools and other features in its UI, but since they’re nicely organized into relevant categories, it’s fairly easy to learn how to use the program. The only problem is, there are plenty of tweaks and tools so you might need some time to discover them all.

The Home section offers a presentation of the program, a quick view of the optimization status (all the related modules) and information about Tweak-7 such as edition, version and registered user.

The System Information + Tweaks section is very rich, beginning with the System Information tabbed area, displaying information concerning your OS, hardware, product keys, but also memory & CPU usage, network traffic and disk drives. The program offers tweaks for all major hardware components (HDD, CPU, memory, CD/DVD) and also includes optimization based on usage scenarios (such as optimizing the CPU for applications or background tasks), applications that start at system boot and settings for auto system logon/shutdown and virtual drives. Taking the numerous tweaks and tools available, this section alone could very well be an independent application.

The Miscellaneous Tweaks category doesn’t let down either. Here, users can modify system folder settings, access system time synchronization settings, tweak Windows Explorer and UAC among many other tweaks. The System and Applications Restrictions area offers several categories where you can set various restrictions for Control Panel, Windows applications, taskbar, Start Menu and others.

Since Tweak-7 really covers it all, it also offers the possibility to tweak the Windows visual components and Internet settings.

The Utilities and Enhancements section provides optimization and cleanup tools: from the simple ones included within Windows OS (visit the Windows Utilities Control Panel) to Tweak-7 dedicated utilities such as system cleanup, shortcut cleaner, file wiper, system restore point manager but also tools for registry cleanup and defragmentation.
Since going through all of the tools and tweaks manually can require a lot of time and patience, Tweak-7 offers three different options for automated optimization: full optimization with no optimization of visual effects, with a slight optimization of visual effects or with a full optimization of visual effects.
In some sections of Tweak-7 you will have the possibility to take a snapshot of that section, with other words save all its settings for later use. All the snapshots you take can be accessed in the Tweak Snapshots section.


– Quick, adware-free installation.
– Well-organized interface comprising a hard-to-imagine richness of tweaks, tools and settings.
– The program includes a dedicated area to display system information.
– Numerous tweaks are offered for hardware components, Internet, network, visual appearance, system and applications.
– Easy access to all Windows utilities and Tweak-7 cleanup and maintenance tools.
– Automated optimization options are available.
– The dedicated Help manual contains thorough information of provided features.


– None worth mentioning.


Tweak-7 might seem complicated for users with little or no technical experience. Happily, the Auto Optimization options are there to offer a simple solution for those users. The rest of the crowd can get their hands dirty while digging into the pile of tweaks offered by the program, but not too dirty since all changes can be made without ever getting to see the Windows Registry.