This tweak can keep Night Mode on in Maps app forever

keep Night Mode on in Maps app

Apple Maps is displayed with a dark skin during the night, courtesy of a featured known as Night Mode. This, of course, makes using it easier on your eyes in low-light conditions.

Dark themes have always been popular and if you’d like to continuously keep Night Mode on in Maps app, there a cool tweak that lets you do that. Assuming you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can install AlwaysNightMode and keep the dark skin in Maps forever.

How to keep Night Mode on in Maps app

This tweak is extremely simple and does exactly what it says. After you install it, there’s no need to set up anything, as it works out of the box. However, you need to open its preferences screen in the Settings app to check if it’s enabled.

keep Night Mode on in Maps app

If you already have the Maps app open, close it and then open it again. Its interface will gradually darken and go into Night Mode.

When you want to restore the regular daytime skin for the Maps app, you’ll have to disable AlwaysNightMode but also restart the Maps app just like the first time. The same steps need to be taken every time you want to enable or disable AlwaysNightMode.

Obviously, if you plan on installing the tweak, you want to keep Night Mode on in Maps app so you won’t need to repeat these steps over and over. You can find AlwaysNightMode in Cydia’s BigBoss repository as a free download.

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