Twitch’s New Clip Editor Simplifies Vertical Video Sharing on YouTube Shorts and TikTok

Thursday, the popular streaming platform, Twitch announced the launch of an impressive, compact update to its product, the Clip Editor. This new feature equips streamers with the ability to quickly generate and distribute short, vertically-formatted video snippets.

How can I access the new Twitch Clip Editor?

You can access this new clip editor through the clip manager found in the Creator Dashboard. By clicking on the “edit and share clip” option, you open up a neat and user-friendly editing tool designed to maintain simplicity in operation.

How do you use the new Twitch Clip Editor?

This tool presents you with two formatting choices for your video. The first is a split view that simultaneously captures and displays two separate, rectangular sections of a clip. This is typically used for showcasing the game stream and the camera view at the same time. The alternative is a more pared-down version which presents a complete vertical segment from the clip.

The only other customizable feature is a switch that allows you to include your channel name in the video. If this option is selected, your channel name is positioned neatly toward the top of the video clip.

The new clip editor has a built-in feature that enables users to share their content with YouTube Shorts effortlessly. Currently, there isn’t any support for directly sharing clips to platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels. However, users can still share their clips on these platforms manually without difficulty.

Twitch is looking forward to expanding its capabilities by incorporating additional sharing integrations in the near future. This future development will further enhance the ease with which content creators can share their work across various social media platforms.

Twitch’s dedicated focus on live streaming is both a strength and a potential drawback. The difficulty of content discovery on the platform remains a significant issue. This problem often ties content creators to demanding streaming schedules, rewarding them more for spending time broadcasting live than for other activities. However, the company recognizes that ensuring the sustainability of live streaming, in the long run, is one of the most substantial challenges currently facing the platform.

Despite its unwavering concentration on live streaming, Twitch is not restricted from exploring inventive ways of utilizing short-form video content. This could potentially offer solutions to some of the content discovery difficulties that the platform is grappling with.

Needless to say, while this is a small step, it’s one in the right direction. Twitch proved in the past that it’s pretty conservative with its values and principles.