Two-Tap Reminder: The fastest way to set up reminders on Windows Phone

    Setting up reminders on a smartphone should ideally be as quick and effortless as possible. Two-Tap Reminder for Windows Phone is a cool reminder app that caught my attention. I thought if its name is an accurate description of what it does, this is the app for me! (plus its Windows Store rating looked promising).

    Two-Tap Reminder - Alarms and Reminders main

    Reminders and alarms

    The app’s main screen lets offers shortcuts for creating quick reminders, text reminders and voice reminders.

    Two-Tap Reminder - Quick reminder

    Quick reminders can really be created with two taps. The first one to choose this category and the second one to select the time. You can use the presets that enable the reminder from 1 minute to 6 hours (in rough increments) or enter the time yourself (in 5 minute increments) for the current day or a future one.

    Text reminders will also display a message not just notify you. Two-Tap Reminder has several presets for this too such as Laundry, Kitchen, Kids, Pet and so on, but you can also enter your own custom text (and also create custom presets).

    If you have your hands full or are on a hurry you can also create a Voice reminder and record a message for yourself. You also get the same three types of alarms: quick, text and voice and they’re setup is pretty much the same as for reminders. Unlike reminders, alarms go off even if your phone is muted.

    The main screen shows your pending and past due reminders. To reschedule one all you have to do is tap on it and select the option from the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

    Two-Tap Reminder - Pin

    Pin reminder and alarm options to the Start Screen

    That’s really what makes Two-Tap Reminder truly efficient. You don’t really need to open the app and choose the reminder or alarm type you want every time you need to use it. You can pin any of these options to the Start Screen and go straight to the one you want.

    Voice commands

    This is a productivity app after all so support for voice commands can definitely come in handy. To use this feature long press the Home button for WP 8 and the Search button for WP 8.1, then say the command.

    You can say stuff like “Two Tap remind me about feeding the dog at 7 PM” or “Two Tap remind me about the kitchen in one hour” and whatever else you need to be reminded of. So you can actually set up a reminder with no tapping at all (unless you count the one for enabling voice commands, but it’s still just one tap).

    Two-Tap Reminder comes at the bargain price of $1.49. The trial app is not time-limited, you can use it how much as you like, but you won’t be able to pin reminder options to the Start Screen unless you buy it.Also, it shows a nagging timed screen (quite often might I say), that won’t prevent you from using the app but it does prevent you from using it efficiently. To be honest, if you findTwo-Tap Reminder useful (and the trial does let you figure that out) it’s totally worth buying.

    Are you using Two-Tap Reminder? Do you know other great reminder apps for Windows Phone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’re always excited to hear your opinion!

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    Download Two-Tap Reminder from Windows Store