Ultimate List of Top Reflex-Based Games for Mobile

If you have exhausted your favorite twitch game and are in the search of a new fast-paced, thoughtless, hypnotic, exhilarating fun – we have compiled a list of our favorite twitch games for you. It’s in alphabetical order so no superiority will be found here. You are also welcome to share the names of your favorite reflex-testing mobile games in the comments below, or in our Forums. Without further ado, let’s roll!

AloneAlone [Android, iOS] $1.99

ALONE is a top-notch survival adventure set in an abstract space that has you playing as a teeny-tiny … well, it can be considered as a spaceship as seen from afar, or a cell – you choose. Your little protagonist needs to make his way out of a collapsing maze of caves, dodge the falling debris of rocks and comets at neck-breaking speeds. The environments are procedurally generated; the difficulty is hard-hard; the design and soundtracks are amazing; the game contains an Easter egg. Overall, it’s a high quality, ridiculously addicting and unapologetically hard twitch game.

Avoid sensory overloadAvoid Sensory Overload [Android]

Avoid Sensory Overload is a seizure-inducing explosion of ultra-bright, neon colors, fast racing action and desperate dodging the procedurally generated obstacles. It looks like Tron after an injection of acid – the blocks constitute a visually changing environment as you control your spaceship through the maze jam-packed with blocks, holes, bombs, and rockets. There are several game modes, difficulty levels, and leaderboards, as well as three design themes each with a distinct soundtrack, but most importantly, it’s crazy fast and challenging, so each high score is a joy.

BadlandBadland [Android, iOS]

Too much has been said about Badland because it has been the best game of the year – several years consecutively, and the project has released quite a few significant updates ever since its launch in 2012. It should be noted the game was far ahead of its time by then, and it’s right on par with the best games now – both in action, visual glam and the sheer amount of content. All of that is available for free, mind you. You can buy some privileges via IAPs, but the true core of it is the unforgiving survival journey that will have you weep and giggle every now and then. You control a cute little critter on its way through a deadly forest filled with sadist Saw-like traps – needles, knives, engines, crushing machines and dead ends, and a few dozen more blood-chilling gizmo designed to kill the little harmless creature. As it navigates the maze, it can catch some power-ups that will make it grow, diminish or multiply itself, so at some point you control a flock. The game offers a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, too. If you haven’t tried it, yet, I can’t think of what you’re waiting for.

Boson XBoson X [Android, iOS] $2.99

Boson X, as much as Fotonica, on this list are endless runners, but the velocity they offer is remarkably adrenaline-inducing. Boson X offers an artsy design and a heart-pumping soundtrack to keep you hyped for one more run until your eyes cross from exhaustion and visual overload. It’s a rotational runner, which means you need to rotate the upcoming platforms to let your runner land, instead of falling. The action takes place inside a particle accelerator (is it Collider they’re talking about) and your runner is nothing but a particle looking for the elusive Boson X (is it the God particle?) Despite the philosophical premise, the game is very much down-to-Earth and hardcore. A word of caution, though, some of the visuals may provoke seizures in patients with epilepsy.

CanabaltCanabalt [Android, iOS]

This game makes me speechless, leaving me the exclamations of aggravation and despair. Canabalt is a simplistic, retro-styled and minimalist endless runner that sees you controlling a dude running across the rooftops. The game offers two styles – a classic 2D and a remastered 3D, online high scores, leaderboards, multiple game modes, single and two-player, gamepad and GoogleTV support and what not. But the ultimate reason to play is the pure twitch action – intense, fast, addicting and engrossing. It’s a case of a masterpiece when a simple concept is executed in such a fully-fledged gameplay. I can’t recommend it more.

cytusCytus [Android, iOS]

Android freemium, iOS $1.99

Cytus is a weird one. It’s a music game on the surface and a sci-fi tale about the apocalyptic future on the inside. Comprised of several chapters, Cytus narrates a story of humanity that reached the immortality through blending human consciousness with robotics (sounds like something that’s already in the works at Avatar 2046). So, the humans are now walking machines with uploaded memories and emotions, but here is the nag – the Universe abhors everything that goes against it, and the life itself sends the human civilization a virus it can’t fight. The robotic carrier for the human conscience does not help, and at some point your emotions and memories just get wiped out. This is more or less the plot line that evolves on the backstage of the game, while the main action is to play with an active scan line and tap notes as the line passes them in tune with 100+ songs and more than 200 variations in jazz, pop, trance, drum-n-bass, and hardcore in a total of 9 difficulty levels. The more downloads of the game, the more songs go free. The game boasts a 4.7 rating and wonderful reviews, so it looks like a must-try in the genre.

DeemoDeemo [Android, iOS] Free Demo, $1.99 full

Another game from Rayark on the list, the developers of the Cytus mentioned above, is Deemo. A story of a little girl who falls into a strange world, not remembering who she is or where she comes from. The world is the dominion of a strange character named Deemo, who lives in solitude, enjoying his music and art. To help the girl escape his world, they must play music because a mysterious tree grows from the piano whenever they play. However, as time passes by and Deemo and the little girl get used to each other’s company, Deemo may not be so willing to let her go. A touching story with a sad and unexpected ending, Deemo has you play music, using the best of your finger’s velocity. It’s not some kind of thoughtless tapping game, but a deep story with heart and an individuality of its own.

DopplerDoppler [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

Doppler is one of the hardest-est twitch games I’ve played. It has you controlling two electric orbs at a time with your both hands, as they need to stay close enough to produce a charge that feeds them, but far enough not to hit the wiggly electric noodle running between them. Yes, life can be ironic. Besides requiring a perfect coordination of your left and right thumbs, Doppler needs you to take a comfy position because otherwise you back will kill you. In its core, however, this game is a serious challenge to the daring ones, and now that the previously premium game has gone free-to-play everyone can try their luck and reflexes in its leader board. Gorgeous visuals and a perfectly atmospheric soundtrack add to the addiction factor – get it.

Dot WaveDot Wave [Android, iOS]

A tribute to Wave Wave, Dot Wave offers a different color palette but pretty much the same premise – you control a dashing arrow on its neck-breaking rush through a triangle-induced maze. The 20+ music tracks from Teknoaxe are incredible and the replay value is huge, always and if you are up for a grown-up challenge. Oh, and the female voice announcing you’re a sucker is super-appealing. You know what I mean.

DuetDuet [Android, iOS]

If I were to choose just one – the best of the best twitch games, Duet would be it. It’s an indie masterpiece that is more than a twitch game. It’s a tale of two interconnected and interdependent entities on their journey from Ignorance to Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression, Hope and Acceptance, each consisting of several levels. As if suggesting, the stages correspond to the seven stages of grief and loss. A symbolic saga with a philosophical meaning, Duet teaches you to take care not only for your blue orb but mind the red one, and ultimately, never give up. The Red and Blue are moving along a round trajectory, and when one goes up, the other goes down – they always remain equally distant, equally close. Against them is the maze of rectangles and when you hit them, they will bear the imprint of your color forever. So, each retry will be more colorful and yet, more frightening than the previous one. A rich and intense action, Duet offers a slew of game modes, daily challenges and levels to keep you busy for months. Oh, the design is a minimalist genius and the music is hypnotic – check the OST.

FotonicaFotonica [Android, iOS] $2.99

Somewhat similar to Boson X, but not quite like it, Fotonica is probably one of the best runners I’ve played, and it’s the only one I keep on my device at all times (among other runners that is). Indie developers are the best when it comes to simple yet original ideas implemented in a complete, thorough and meticulous way. Fotonica is a first-person runner set in a vector-style environment, which is minimalist yet conveys the exhilarating feeling of the high speeds and breathtaking jumps. It offers a large variety of environments, each unlockable as you play and generate points for good runs. Each environment is unique and features a standalone music track that’s highly catchy and atmospheric. You run and jump from platform to platform, from mountain to mountain, from island to island, from office to office, and the only thing you need to do is run fast and time your jumps. Otherwise, you fall into the black nothingness and there’s nothing but the pair of two hands desperately trying to grab the void. It’s thrilling, intense and engrossing. Should I rate the addiction factor? 100 out of 100.

Frederick Evil Strikes BackFrederick – Evil Strikes Back [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

If you enjoyed Cytus and Deemo, you may as well try Frederick because it follows the same gameplay – tap the right notes in tune with the music and win over the evil non-entities pretending to be singers. Who’s Frederick? No other than Chopin, and his mission is to bring the real music, the music that has a soul to the masses that have forgotten what real music is (I am looking at you Taylor Swift). If you enjoy the hand-drawn comic book style art and the fast tapping game that tests your reflexes and the sense of rhythm and beat, Frederick is right down your alley. Lots of fun parodies and sarcasm, too. Someone on the iTunes said the music in this game is crap – dude, that’s Queen. Not to mention Chopin himself.

Fruit NinjaFruit Ninja [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

Fruit Ninja is definitely the most colorful, mindless and update-rich twitch games out there. Its content has been beefed up and updated quite a few times since its release and I sometimes uninstall and re-install it just for the sake of the surprisingly satisfying fruit splashing and squishing effects. There is a story and characters, but who remembers those when all you do is an endless fruit slashing massacre?

Geometry DashGeometry Dash [Android, iOS]

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platformer, which sees you running, jumping, flipping and flying through a dungeonlike maze full of obstacles and spikes. As is the case with many twitch games, this one sports a simple one-button touch control, which is easy to get the hang of. The challenge is the speed and the traps, but the near-impossibility of the success provides for a surprisingly rewarding euphoria when you beat your own high score. Who knows, maybe you can beat the global leader board? The full version sports a fancy load of soundtracks, new levels and achievements in addition to the online level editor. Try it.

HEX 99 Collage 7HEX 99: Mercilessly Difficult [Android, iOS]

HEX:99 is irritating – you have to realize this before you download it. It’s hard, infuriating and insane, but also beautiful, addicting and nagging. It’s as if it makes you feel indignant you couldn’t make it any further the tenth time you replay the same level, and you try again and again. Luckily, the layouts are random, and you can’t just memorize all the traps. Thus, HEX:99 might make some sensitive players weep, but this only makes for a more vivid ecstasy when you succeed. HEX:99 sees you controlling a metal hexagon on its way across beautiful, surreal environments on a road filled with sadist traps. It requires an inhumane patience and self-control, but also super-human reflexes.

HopelessHopeless: The Dark Cave [Android, iOS]

Hopeless is different from the others on the list. It gives you a bunch of yellow blobs armed with rifles, scared to death. No wonder because they’re in a dark cave, surrounded by monsters looking to gobble them up. Tap as fast as you can to make blobs shoot the monsters. Otherwise, the monsters get to them and finish them off in one clean swipe. Should your blobs get too scared, they may shoot themselves. The better you play, the more blobs you have, by the way, and you can even buy them better weapons. Plenty of levels, environments, weapons and other perks to keep you coming back for more. It’s a scary game, really. Poor blobs, that cute one looks like my neighbor’s dog.

Hyper SquareHyper Square [Android, iOS]

Hyper Square is hyper, and it will make your eyes cross and your fingers go numb. It’s a puzzle of sorts – the one that resembles the kids wooden blocks you have to match. A series of increasingly complicated layouts, Hyper Square tasks you with matching the squares – like throwing the squares in the corresponding square spaces, or rotating and resizing before matching them. The catch is you have to do it thoughtlessly, automatically, lightning-fast. Like any other decent twitch game, Hyper Square has global leaderboards, plenty of increasingly challenging levels and challenges and a good soundtrack. It used to be premium, but it’s now free-to-play, so take advantage of the offer.

Impossible Draw Collage 4Impossible Draw [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

Impossible Draw is probably the most visually stunning game on the list, at least as far as I am concerned. I’ve been having its wallpapers on my desktop for months now and I never get tired of looking at them. Set in a maze of techno-space, Impossible Draw sees you floating from one gate to another drawing letters and symbols of increasing complexity as they close in on you. If you draw them correctly, you go on, if not, the gates remain closed and you crash – game over. There are quite a few levels and even more music tracks you can unlock in exchange for the points you earn by playing, which is a very welcome approach. There are also several visual themes, also unlockable, a few symbols collections, testing modes and comprehensive stats, so the overall gameplay offers an immense replay value. In other words, Impossible Draw is epic in how it manages to combine a fast, unnerving gameplay with a tranquilizing effect on a player’s psyche.

Infinite StarisInfinite Stairs [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

This game, as the title suggests, sees you climbing up an infinite staircase and falling to your death, then retrying. It’s a simple concept and a hard challenge worthy of the hardcore twitch fans. Almost every other player I asked about their favorite twitch games mentioned Infinite Stairs, so there must be something to it. Is it the simple retro design? Or the leaderboards? Or the fact that the gameplay turns out to be harder than it looks? Probably all of it combined.

jelly jump 13Jelly Jump [Android, iOS]

Oh those little jellies, their fate is a sad one, especially if you suck at twitch games. You control a funny cube of jello as it jumps from one platform to another; as the other platform’s gate is closing and the dark waters of nothingness rise from beneath the jello. If the water should consume the jello, it’s game over. If it gets stuck in between the gates – the water gets to the jello and it suffocates, exhaling the last bubbles of air. There are quite a few jello characters to unlock, which is one neat feature, so keep playing till you collect enough jello bubbles to unlock new characters, and, of course, beat the high scores – it’s for the competitive folks. The soundtrack and visuals are superb and the game is free.

LumenaLumena [Android, iOS]

Lumena is one of the impossibly hard games on this list and appeals to the fans of the electronic music, neon lights and pain. Yes, this game is pain-inducingly hard, even evil, like every second is a restart, so if that is the challenge you feel fit for, get Lumena. You have a pulsing ball in the middle of a circle made of panels. Each panel changes its color and the ball changes its color. Your objective is to shoot the ball of the particular color into the correspondingly colored panel. The challenge is the speed and the dance of neon lights that are disorienting and dizzying. Hypnotic? Maybe. Frustrating? Oh, yes. Rewarding? You bet!

Magic Touch wizards for hireMagic Touch: Wizard for Hire [Android, iOS]

Oh, dear Nitrome, your games are always a must-try, and Wizard for Hire is no exception for the twitch lovers. If you have tried the Impossible draw, Magic Touch has the same mechanics, but an entirely different design, layout, and story. You have a wizard attempting to eliminate the falling runes by drawing their symbols before they fall and wreck havoc on your tower. It starts off slowly, but soon enough your fingers go numb with all the swishing and swooshing for the runes get complicated and numerous. If the Gunbrick style in design is your cup of tea, get the Magic Touch. It’s free.

Major MayhemMajor Mayhem [Android, iOS]

Major Mayhem is basically the caffeinated Angry Birds Transformers. Whereas the latter are kind of slo-mo, Major Mayhem is fast-paced and has you tapping as fast as you can on all sorts of baddies aiming at you as you run through the beautiful cartoonist environments. Yes, there is a mission, but who reads that? 45 levels of shooting massacre, 4 modes, 100 achievements, mini missions and power-ups and 20 unique weapons. It’s the only shooter on the list thanks to the numerous nods of twitch fans to it. The only nag about it is the weapons that used to be free are now paid. Nonetheless, it’s a fun, thoughtless and intense twitch game for those who like to combine the two genres.

mg cubemg_Cube [Android, iOS]

mg_Cube is the laid-back kind of reflex game, which is a nice deviation from the neck-breaking entries. It’s also unique in its looks, mechanics and premise and features a neat soundtrack and a futuristic if not abstract looks. You control a neon cube as it jumps through a Tron-like environment, hopping from red blocks to the blue ones. Each color has a corresponding side of the screen button, so you need to memorize that trick to tap the right button at the right moment. There are quite a few different and splendid sound scores and two modes with an overall of 51 levels that will introduce new elements and new mechanics to the game. This will add an extra challenge because the new mechanics may be opposite of what you initially learned. It’s fun and free. Give it a jump!

One More LineOne More Line [Android, iOS]

One More Line is twitch gaming at its best and it will make your fingers go numb, but before that you will be having loads of fun. Its one-button touch control has you controlling a color-spraying thingy that leaves the rainbow traces. It slingshots like the Spider-man from one magnetic circle to another, and your objective is to keep it going without hitting the circles, but swinging on them, instead. It’s quite a simple concept and the controls are easy to get the hang of, but the gameplay is the level of hard to hardest to hardest-est, especially if you care to beat your high score and get anywhere further than 10 in this game. Try it, but don’t weep.

Path_29Path [Android] Free

We loved the simplicity and beauty of this fast-paced, rectangular-themed journey of a cube through a maze of rectangular environments. It can only move one direction and you need to tap to make it change its direction by 90 degrees, always clockwise. So, if you tap it four times, it will make a circle around itself, which is a funny way to move around. Nonetheless, the gameplay is addicting, atmospheric and rewarding. We recommend you try it – it’s free.

QbQbQbQbQbQb [Android, iOS] $0.99

You have to try this free browser demo to see this game’s charm. It’s beautiful and its peculiar soundtrack makes it atmospheric. The gameplay? It’s a mix of Super Hexagon and Tetris – you control a spinning planet, sometimes two planets, depending on the difficulty and the mode you choose. So you spin the planet back and forth as you see the upcoming colorful blocks landing it. Your objective is to match the same-color blocks. Sounds easy, but it’s quite aggravating when you’ve accumulated quite a few mismatched blocks. It’s a proper training not only for your reflexes, but also for your spatial skills and the understanding of perspective. Oh, and it may start out like it’s chill-out, but it’s dead hardcore in its heart. There is a two-player mode, too.

Radical RappellingRadical Rappelling [Android, iOS]

Quite a recent release from the developer Halfbrick Studios, also known for the Jetpack Joyride and the above mentioned Fruit Ninja, Radical Rappelling has you controlling an entirely crazy hiker on his/her dash down the never ending abyss of traps, obstacles, and power-ups. Linger a bit too long on one level and the steaming hot lava kills you. Hit a spike and you’re dead. Make a wrong tap and you’re dead from something else – Radical Rappelling is maniac about the ways to kill you, so you will be restarting quite a lot, unless you are very-very good at tapping at the right moment.

ProunProun+ [iOS] $1.99

Unfortunately, Proun never made it to Android, leaving its glory to iOS users exclusively. Worse for the game because it’s missing a few worthy fans. Let us hope the developer is still planning to port to Android, however. So, what is this game that I am salivating about? It has you dashing a ball on a tube dodging obstacles, but how it does it is worth a dozen other games. Unique in its design, Proun+ is for the lovers of art filled with nods to Kandinsky and Mondrian. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also jazzy, with a fantastic soundtrack and a nerve breaking difficulty. It’s the one to make you bite your lips, for sure. If titles like Terraria and Sumico ring a bell, Proun comes from the same developer.

RetryRetry [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

RETRY is the brainchild of Rovio, and comes in an unexpected pixel style/ You control a little plane that will make you screech your teeth because it tends to hit all kinds of things and send you back to the latest checkpoints. As you might have guessed, the plane’s controls are a bit tricky – tap to fly up and if you hold it will fly in loops around itself, like a dog chasing its tale. Naturally, the clouds, water, and land, as well as the structures are deadly for your little plane, so get those eyes and fingers ready for an endless series of re-tries. I hate it, to be honest, for it’s both annoying and addicting.

Return ZeroReturn Zero [Android free demo, full $0.99]

The free version seems to be regularly updated during the premium one could use an update, but the important thing is – despite being a not-so-young entry on Google Play, Return Zero is one of my favorites of all times. It will give you vertigo; it may make you weep. However, the core of it is very fun and enjoyable, and if you are a Tron aficionado, you will enjoy this futuristic racer that will test your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and spatial skills. You control a hi-tech spacecraft as it rushes through a series of tunnels and environments filled with traps, so maneuvering fast will have your heart pump the beat of its amazingly atmospheric soundtrack. The control options will satisfy any taste while the leaderboards will appeal to the competitive players. The free version features three worlds and 12 levels. I can not recommend it more – it’s fun, addicting, psychedelic and crazy fast.

Runaway SquareRunaway Square [Android, iOS] Free

Runaway Square is simplistic if you judge by its looks, but it’s also unnervingly challenging. To be honest, I overlooked this little gem, but my little nephews showed me its worth when I saw them playing it for hours and favoring it over a few dozen games I installed for them. The smart, annoyingly hard levels and the simple 2 button control scheme give you everything you need to forget about the troubles of a real world. It may not look like a hit, but, believe me, once you play a few levels you know it’s good, hard and ultimately fun. Oh, and don’t get misled that the kids loved it – the difficulty is ascending, so some of the initial levels are quite accessible, but soon enough it shows its no-nonsense challenge. It’s free and also available as a browser game. Try it!

skyward (3)Skyward [Android, iOS]

Skyward by Ketchapp is one of the games that spiked some controversy when it first launched due to its seeming resemblance to the renowned Monument Valley, but the criticism is exaggerated. The color palettes and the ascending stairs may look like something that was inspired by the same Escher art, but once you start playing the game, you realize it’s an entirely different story. Skyward starts off quite peacefully – you control two interconnected dots on their way up the procedurally generated blocks hanging in the air. Tap and one of them will land on a block while the other one will start circling around the first one. Don’t take too long because it can only make two full circles before it falls and it’s a game over. So your objective is to land the second one quickly enough on the next block, and so the first one starts circling its partner. The game features quite a few different power-ups and traps with ever-changing looks of the levels. High scores will unlock new patterns and land you a sweet place in the leaderboard. It’s beautiful, neat, addicting and free. Thank you, Ketchapp.

Smash HitSmash Hit [Android, iOS] Freemium

Smash Hit is my personal favorite – I never get tired of it. Maybe it’s the design I find dazzling; maybe it’s the music I find relaxing and atmospheric; maybe it’s the beauty and genius of the world the devs have created; or, maybe it’s the unbelievably satisfying glass smashing action. The game starts off with quite a laid-back pace, but as you progress, accumulate more steel balls and break ever-evolving and increasingly complex glass constructions, the speed gets unnervingly fast. This is where a single mistake will cost you too much. The free game has no checkpoints so every blunder will send you back to start. If you want the checkpoints, buy the more than affordable premium version. No ads in either. Smash Hit features 50 interconnected areas, and the layouts are permanent, so thankfully you can learn the traps’ locations. The rooms are unique and performed in different graphic styles and color palettes, but the realistic glass smashing effects will let you fulfill that mischievous boyhood dream of exterminating every single window in your school.

Clipboard-10Spider Square [Android]

Spider Square is one of the recent releases on Google Play, and a delightful one. This little free pleasure will see you controlling a cube spider shooting its rope from one block on the ceiling to another, and swinging along traps-filled levels, collecting gems. It’s hard; it’s annoying; it’s beautiful, and it clicks in all the right spots that make a game addicting. There are three modes – easy, single player and multiplayer, but the easy mode is locked behind a hefty $4.99 IAP so the other two modes will see you handling a gameplay of quite an elevated difficulty. If you’re up for a game of a grown-up challenge and a beautiful, minimalist design accompanied by very neat sound score – get it. Leaderboards, achievements, and cloud save are there for the competitive folks.

Super HexagonSuper Hexagon [Android, iOS] $2.99

Super Hexagon comes from a renowned developer Terry Cavanagh, and it was the best 2012 game on the app store for a good reason. Besides the beautiful music by Chipzel, Super Hexagon offers the classic twitch game on mobile in the best traditions of the genre. Wait… this game is the genre-defining thing, so yes, pretty much every twitch game borrows something from it. It’s a masterpiece of design in itself, but it’s also the reflex-testing game at its best, despite its being quite a veteran. It’s mercilessly hard, but annoyingly addicting. If you are a newcomer to the genre, or mobile gaming as such, Super Hexagon is a timeless classic every twitch fan should play.

Quest Keeper (66)The Quest Keeper [Android, iOS] Free-to-play

The Quest Keeper by Tyson Ibele launched a few months ago and it was an instant love. It’s a dungeon crawler put in the shoes of a very hard twitch game wrapped in a beautiful pixel design with modern shades and textures. You control a cube dude who scouts the dungeon for coins and loot, which can be spent on useful outfits, shoes and magic wands. The game offers ten challenging quests, one is available by default while the others need to be unlocked in exchange for the coins you collect, or via IAPs. The hero walks a straight line and you need to swipe to make him change direction to the left, right, backward or forward. The main challenge is how fast everything happens and how jam-packed the environments are with traps, holes, rivers, spikes and self-destructing blocks, lava, spiders, and gates. Unlike many other games on the list, the Quest Keeper is a lot more profound and complex than a typical twitch game because it comprises quests, a story, fancy upgrades and some micro-management, which appeals to the RPG fan in you. Nonetheless, the core of its gameplay is an endless, unapologetically hard dungeon running – read the tips and tricks we compiled for you. Did I say it was beautiful?

UnpossibleUnpossible [Android, iOS] $1.99

Unpossible is easily one of the best twitch-based games that will not only test your reflexes, but let you enjoy the hassle-free Zen mode, where you can not die. You ride on a magnetic tube somewhere in the suburbs of a Tron-like city, and your objective is to stay simply alive as you dodge the different obstacles. The tube is jam-packed with various sorts of giant cutlery, and the fast-paced action is by far not the only asset of Unpossible. Its visuals are mesmerizing; its soundtrack is hypnotic and heart-pumping at the same time. The game offers several increasingly challenging game mode, each unlocking as you beat the previous. Each setting also has a daily challenge, but our favorite is the never ending zen mode. Unpossible looks dazzling on any device, but the owners of Shield will enjoy it at its best, especially if they sport a controller. Long story short, Unpossible is woah.

VectorVector [Android, iOS] $0.99

Vector sees you running away from the totalitarian system – does that sound familiar? If yes, you can fulfill your dreams of taking your revenge on the system in this crazy-fast, neck-breaking, beautiful game. It’s all about tapping ans swiping at the right moment, and once you get the hang of the moves, there is nothing that can keep you away from Vector. The game is Parkour-inspired, anyone familiar with it will appreciate the realistic moves. It offers quick-wit puzzles along the way while the visuals are sophisticated and appealing. Offering over 40 levels, Vector will keep you addicted for weeks on end for it’s the genre’s classic.

Wave WaveWave Wave [Android, iOS] $2.99

Wave Wave is a long-time classic, which has been re-mastered not too long ago, and if your fingers itch for action, get it asap. The gameplay is painfully familiar – wave up and down to avoid stuff, and yet, it feels too addicting to pass by. It’s agonizingly difficult and unapologetic, hectic and fun, offering your brains a perfect getaway into the maze of triangles, beautiful visuals, and excellent music. The game features 4 gameplay modes, 5 difficulty levels, and 10 challenges, but how far you can go depends on your inner poise. One of the cool features is the ability to record gameplay videos on-device and share them online.