UltraEdit: Comprehensive editor utility

UltraEdit is one of the most popular editing applications in the market, offering a ton of features in a single package. It is offered as a shareware utility with no limitations in the trial period.

Installation & Requirements

During the setup, you will have the option to select the custom or the complete installation. Choosing the custom is recommended if you do not want the extra software that the installer will try to install in your computer so that you can decline their installation. Other than that there is nothing confusing about the setup. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 and later, Windows Servers 2003 and later, MacOS 10.5 and higher and Linux.


The application’s interface is quite amazing. The first time you start the application you will be asked to choose a layout and a theme. You can always change them later on by going in the View tab I you are not certain about what you want. The different layouts offer more and more toolbars but you can also simply add the toolbars you want while also maintaining your original layout.

Even if you choose not to have too many toolbars displayed in the interface, you can still access all of the application’s features by the top menu. For any help you need you can access the Help tab which will redirect you to various resources like the product’s help webpage and the online forums which are still quite active and offer a lot of advice to newcomers.

The main text editor interface is also brilliant. Everything just looks clean with nothing obstructing the view of your project. The various icons scattered around the application will also make the lives of developers and coders way easier by providing shortcuts to pretty much every function you would need. You can also build scripts and macros or insert already existing ones to use within the application.

Another amazing thing about the application is that you can view the results of your work as it progresses. Writing an HTML code and then immediately viewing the results in the browser is fantastic for newcomers as it allows them to check their mistakes and fix them. Despite all of the toolbars, icons, functions and modules within the application, learning to use it is extremely easy as you will be guided through the steps and if you make any mistakes the application will let you know and it will help you alter them.


-Incredible visual look with a lot of customization options
-Very user friendly interface
-A ton of options in every utility
-Seamless text editing
-Work and watch the results


-None worth mentioning


UltraEdit is the definition of an incredible text editing environment where all of the various modules and customization options provide one of the most user friendly interfaces in the market.