UltraSurf: Ultra anonymity, worry-free Web surfing

Online privacy is highly valued, although it cannot be achieved without using a proxy application or performing related settings manually in your web browser. For those that want to anonymously surf the Web without getting their hands dirty, a free, simple tool such as UltraSurf is the best way to go.

Installation & Requirements

UltraSurf doesn’t require installation as the small executable can be launched right away. The first time you run UltraSurf, Internet Explorer will open automatically (this can be disabled in the program’s options). Even though the program favors Internet Explorer it also protects other web browsers. Unfortunately there are some features which directly target IE, such as automated removal of cookies and history.

The .exe file is really small so it basically works any computer running under one of the supported operating systems, namely Windows XP, Vista and 7.


UltraSurf has a simple GUI with a rough appearance, but it gets the job done. The interface has 5 menu categories and the main window lists three UltraSurf proxy servers that have been automatically selected by the program to provide a high-speed connection. Selecting any of the offered servers will automatically attempt to establish a connection. As soon as the connection is made, your real IP address will be replaced with another one and it will be kept hidden by any website you visit.

All data received/sent via web browsers, such as downloads, uploads and e-mails is encrypted by UltraSurf using SSL algorithms. The program’s Options offers a few customizations, such as enabling hotkeys for several actions like hiding/showing/minimizing the interface, exit UltraSurf and exit Ultrasurf & delete its temporary files. Other settings available under the Options menu include setting up Internet Explorer actions like starting it automatically at UltraSurf launch, automated deletion of IE cookies and history upon exiting, closing or keeping IE at exit..etc. The Proxy Settings offer three options: Auto-Detect Proxy (IE current proxy settings), Manually Proxy Settings (allows the user to enter their own proxy settings) and Directly Use UltraSurf which will use the program’s proxy servers.

UltraSurf offers simple, easy to understand options and settings but in case a beginner has trouble using it, the Help file offers detailed information about all of the program’s aspects.


– Portable tool since no installation is required.
– Offers high-quality proxy servers that ensure good connection speed.
– Useful hotkey-enabled actions are provided.
– Internet Explorer automated functions for cookie and history removal.
– Offers a simple way for anonymous and completely safe web browsing.


– Several features are only available for Internet Explorer.


– Easy-Hide-IP


This small proxy tool offers an easy yet efficient solution for online privacy, especially for Internet Explorer users. While UltraSurf doesn’t come with advanced customization options, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. UltraSurf was designed to work by itself and provide reliable online privacy with fast page loading times, unlike many other similar tools.