An (un)expected Hodor Calculator app is now real


Hodor Calculator 1

After making an appearance in a (paid) Android keyboard, Hodor has found its way in a calculator app as well. At least this time around the app is available free of charge as the developer probably understands people just want to have a laugh for a moment and nothing more.

Hodor Calculator 3

This calculator app replaces all the numbers with a neat drawn image of the loveable giant and the results are exactly what you would expect. Hodor plus Hodor makes Hodor which should not really come as a surprise to any fans of the brilliant Games of Thrones. I do wonder what kind of app will feature Hodor next although now that we have covered math and language perhaps people will let this go.

Hodor Calculator 2

The app can be found in the Play Store and a few hundred people have already downloaded it so you might want to give it a go yourself. If you are looking for some more Game of Thrones in your mobile device then I highly recommend getting the Telltale Games adventure series on either the Play Store or the App Store today.