Uninstall Tool: Cleanly uninstall your programs

The vast majority of applications will leave some traces in your computer even after you have uninstalled them which will slowly start slowing your computer down. With Uninstall Tool you will never have to worry about that again.

Installation & Requirements

During the setup you will have two options you will have to consider. First, to add an uninstall tool in the Control Panel and secondly, to include the “Install Tracker” module. The rest of the setup continues normally and completes very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.


The interface is very easy to understand and at first sight resembles the default Windows application to remove programs. However, it also becomes immediately apparent that it is far more sophisticated and has far more information than the default utility. The main window is more or less divided into 2 main tabs with a lot of subsidiaries.

The first tab is the Uninstaller which should be pretty much self-explanatory. Clicking and right clicking on any program will give you various details like the installation path, registry entries, the website of the application and more.

Uninstalling is also extremely easy. When the uninstallation process is done, Uninstall Tool will prompt you to search for any traces the uninstallation process left behind. However, if you are using the trial version you will not be able to automatically remove them, just view them. You can still browse the paths and delete them yourself if you want though.

In the bottom of the window you will find the Apps, System and Hidden tabs. The first tab has all of the applications you have installed in your system while the other ones are more specific. Last is the Install and trace utility. When you choose to install an application through that module, every file and every piece of information in the Registry will be traced by Uninstall Tool so whenever you want to uninstall that particular application, the Uninstall Tool will do it faster and more efficiently.

The other main tab is the Startup one. There you will find all of the applications and utilities that start automatically when you boot your Windows. You will see detailed information about all of them and you can also edit them, remove them or simply disable them from running automatically.

Be very careful if you do not know what you are doing as you might need some of those utilities even if you do not know it. The application will not display crucial applications that Windows need to run so that inexperienced users cannot cause much trouble but you should still use common sense.


-Fast installation

-Easy to use interface

-Clean visual look

-A lot of options for uninstalling

-Detailed information about each program installed in your computer


-The trial version will not let you forcibly remove applications


Uninstall Tool is an extremely useful application that will really help your computer in the long run. Traces left by uninstalling applications will always slow your computer down the line and this is precisely the reason why Uninstall Tool should be used by everyone.