Universal Copy for Android lets you copy text even from apps that lack native support

There are tons of clipboard managers and other such apps designed to make copy-pasting on Android more easy and efficient, but one problem remains: various third-party apps don’t allow us to copy paste text from them, for whatever reason.

I’m guessing in some cases, this is not just a minor annoyance, but in fact terribly frustrating. Who on Earth wants to manually retype text that someone else already wrote? Universal Copy is an app that promises to fix this problem forever, by offering copy/paste support in any app, even when it wasn’t natively present. It supports a large number of apps, including popular social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube among others.

Universal-Copy 1

The app leverages Android’s Accessibility settings to offer a universal and functional copy function, which means you’ll have to enable it when you launch it for the first time. From then on, it will reside in your notification drawer and you can use it whenever you need to copy text from an app that doesn’t support the traditional long press offered by Android.

With Universal Copy enabled, all you need to do is tap on parts of the screen and the app will copy the whole block of text. In most cases, the app does the job flawlessly but not all. In Google Newsstand, you can copy headlines, but not body text as the Mountain View-based tech giant went out of its way to protect publisher content from being stolen. There are also other Google apps in which Universal Copy won’t work, for the same reasons.

Since the app is 100% free (it doesn’t even feature adds), it’s worth giving it a try and see if it works in the apps you’re interested in. And if you do decide to try Universal Copy come back and let us know how you liked it!

Download Universal Copy (Google Play)

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