Universal Document Converter: Easily convert your documents

Converting your documents is a lot of hassles and you usually have to use multiple products to ensure the best results. Universal Document Converter, however, provides a single platform for all of your conversion needs. A demo version of the program is offered for free.

Installation & Requirements

The installation should complete very fast on any computer. You will have various options during the setup so be sure to read them. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 and later as well as Windows Servers 2003 and later.


The program has no actual interface of its own. It integrates itself into windows by disguising itself as a virtual printer. You can, however, access its options through some applications like Word. To access the program you will need to choose the printing option in your documents and choose the application as the printer if you have not already set is as the default one. There you will be able to access the various options for the conversion.

Access the interface is different according to the program. In Word 2010, for example, you need to go to the File menu and choose the “Printer Properties” option from the Print tab. The properties are divided into several tabs, each representing a different option for the conversion. the most obvious one should be the second tab. There you will be able to choose from one of the 8 different formats that the program supports. Depending on the format you choose you will also get different options for each tab. Adjustments can be made in all formats, of course, and you can add a watermark to all of them. If you do not want to go through the trouble of configuring the options every time you use the program, you can save them to an external file and then simply import them when you want those specific settings. The advanced settings tab offers a few more options but not anything too important like showing the progress window while processing the files.

When you have made all of your options and you have configured the formats that you want, you can imply press the printing button to begin the process. You can also set the output folder each time you start the process or set it to be a default one. Furthermore, you can get a preview of the converted document before you actually start the process so that you know your settings are corresponding to what you actually want to do.


-Fast installation
-Seamless integration with Windows applications
-Loads of different conversion options
-The ability to choose multiple configuration options


-Steep price


If you find yourself converting a lot of documents, especially in a business environment, then you should seriously consider Universal Document Converter. Otherwise, the price might be a bit too steep for the average user who simply wants to convert documents every now and then.