Unlocker: The only file unlocking tool you’ll ever need

Unlocker is a handy tool that comes in the form of a Windows Explorer extension, giving the possibility to delete locked files that generate error messages when the user tries to delete/move them. Unlocker is one of the most complex unlocking utilities, being able to close handles, kill processes without reboot, delete, rename or move the locked files. It also has a few other tricks that other similar programs lack, such as the ability to unload DLL files.

Unlocker Main Screen

Installation & Requirements

Unlocker is a freeware tool that benefits from an uncluttered installation process, with no adware or nagging adverts. When installing the utility, you are given the option to choose what language you prefer from a great number of language packs.

As for the system requirements, it’s pretty obvious that Unlocker is designed exclusively for the Windows platform. It supports Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Win 7 and the great thing about it is that there is also a version of Unlocker that fully supports Windows 64-bit.


There is very little to tell about the Unlocker user interface as it is almost inexistent. The program simply integrates with Windows Explorer and it can be accessed either by navigating the drop-down menu that appears when you right click on a file, or by opening Unlocker.exe which is nothing more than just a basic file browser.

Once you access the Unlocker menu by right clicking on a locked file, you will be given several choices like renaming, deleting, moving or copying the file, as well as the option to kill the process that’s locking the file.

Overall the user interface is as light and simple as it can get,a great thing considering that is exactly what you’d expect from such a tool: being able to use it without the need of opening large, complex menus or access an overly complicated file browser.


– Can delete/unlock files that are hooked by any reason imaginable
– Integrates with Windows Explorer flawlessly
– Little to no user interface makes Unlocker a tool that’s very easy to use
– Freeware
– Clean installation with no adware
– Multiple language support


– None worth mentioning.

Unlocker Alternatives

Unlocker offers pretty much everything you need and it’s probably the best unlocking utility that is currently available. However, there are a few competitors that are onto its footsteps such as LockHunter and FileASSASSIN, both these alternatives being free and very light-weighted.

Unfortunately, both these alternatives lack some of the features that Unlocker comes bundled with, like the ability to unload DLL files or delete index.dat files.  LockHunter and File ASSASSIN offer a bit more in the user interface department, but FileASSASSIN doesn’t integrate with Windows Explorer, leaving you with the choice of always using the built-in browser in order to find the files you want to unlock.


Unlocker is probably the best freeware utility in its niche, a tool that you’ll love from the first use. Combine that with multiple language support, a very simple user interface, 64 bit compatibility and we have a clear winner.