Unroll.me is an iOS app that can quickly get rid of junk mail and unwanted subscriptions

If there’s one thing I tend to overdo is I subscribe to a large number of newsletters. I guess I’m not the only one that gets carried away when they see pop-ups like “Do you want to learn how to [InsertEvilWorldDominationPlanHere]?” or “Subscribe to get two awesome freebies delivered to your inbox every week!”.

And then you wake up every morning with your inbox full of junk mail and newsletters (most of which you’re not interested anymore) but you’re too lazy to go and manually unsubscribe from each and every one of them. Unroll.me is a free iOS app that promises to manage your junk mails and email subscriptions so you won’t have to do all the heavy lifting.

The app works in a very simple manner: it will scan your iCloud inbox and present you with a list of items that are either subscriptions or junk mail.

The app might take a while to finish the scan, so you can set it to notify you when it’s complete. Then, you can hit the ‘Next’ button to manage the results.

The management part is as straightforward as possible: all you have to do is swipe left to unsubscribe, right to keep the item in your inbox and up to add the subscription to your daily digest, called ‘Rollup’ in the app.

The ‘Rollup’ is an interesting way of viewing all your newsletters in one place. The app can send you a daily notification (at the time of your choice) when you want the digest to be delivered.

All the subscriptions you add to the ‘Rollup’ will be stored in the dedicated folder which you can access at any time. Also, these emails won’t arrive in your Inbox, which is very convenient as they won’t get in the way of important messages.

Unroll.me 5

Should you change your mind regarding a specific subscription, Unroll.me offers an editing mode where you can view all your subscriptions and unsubscribe from the newsletters you don’t use or find interesting anymore.

The best part is the app is completely free, plus it supports various email services and apps like iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, AOL and Google Apps among others. Definitely worth a try if you need to easily manage your subscriptions and de-clutter your inbox.

Download Unroll.Me for free (iTunes)

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