[Guide] Upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer

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Instagram’s photo sharing oriented service, has made this social network one of the most popular ones. Of course, because of this plenty of photo editing apps have blossomed, as people wanted more filters and editing options than the ones provided by Instagram. If you’re looking to upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer, we have a simple way to show you.

The social network is primarily designed for mobile devices, even though there is a web version for it. So, you can log into Instagram from your Windows PC, view, like and comment on photos uploaded by those you are following, but you cannot directly upload images.

If you’re wondering why you cannot upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer, it’s rather obvious this limitation is not random. Facebook who owns Instagram probably wanted this service to be a mobile-exclusive one, or at least for now.

How to upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer

The only way to overcome the limitations of Instagram on the web is by using a third-party app. There are several ones available, but for the purpose of this guide, we have chosen InstaPic. It is a free app, available in the Microsoft Store and you can get it by visiting the link below.

Download InstaPic for Windows

To be honest, InstaPic is not a great Instagram client. You won’t get real-time updates from your friends and there are other limited features. But the one thing you can rely on when using this app is the ability to upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer. That works well and I have tested many alternatives, which sadly are far more unreliable.

upload Instagram photos from your Windows computer

Once you install InstaPic, open the app and you can either login to your existing Instagram account or create a new one. Click on the Shutter icon at the top of the screen and this ill open your PC camera.

You can take a new photo by clicking on the blue circle icon or click on the rectangle icon to load a photo from your computer’s hard drive via Windows Explorer. Find a photo you would like to post on Instagram, double-click it and the editing window will open.

InstaPic 2

The editing process, will allow you to crop the image, and apply filters, pretty much like in the Instagram app on mobile. However, InstaPic has a limited selection of filters compared to the original Instagram app.

InstaPic 3

When you’re happy with how the image looks you can finally add hashtags, tag people and optionally share the photo on other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. Once you’ve made all your selections simply click on the Share button and your photo will be posted right away.

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