How To Upload videos to Instagram from your PC

We’ve been able to upload videos to Instagram since 2013 (although short ones). However, this task is not always best performed from a smartphone, which is why we’ll show you how you can upload videos to Instagram from your PC.

It’s easier to edit videos on a computer, plus sometimes you might want to upload a video you recorded with a camera which is easier from a PC.

You can upload videos to Instagram using various web-based apps, although most of them are not free. Today we’ll show you how you can edit then upload videos to Instagram from your PC without having to purchase any app or service.

How to upload videos to Instagram from your PC

Before uploading your video to Instagram, you might want to edit it first. While the Instagram app lets you do that, it’s much more convenient to do it from your computer.

There are plenty of free video editing apps you can use, and if you already have one you’re familiar with, that’s perfect. Nevertheless, for the purpose of this guide, we’ll be using ShotCut.

ShotCut is a basic video editor but it’s easy to use and provides all the features needed to quickly enhance a video before uploading it to Instagram.

Once you install the app, open your video in it and click the Filters option, then click on “+” and select the screen icon. This will allow you to see the app’s included video effects but what we’re interested in is the Crop function. Select it and then you can use the sliders to crop the portion of the video you want to upload. IG is all about square media, so make sure your new video dimensions have a 1:1 ratio.

Of course, you could also apply some filters while you’re in this section. ShotCut’s filters provide more customization options compared to the Instagram app. Just add the ones you want using the “+” button.

Upload videos to Instagram from your PC

Now, it’s time to trim your video – in most cases, the videos we film are much longer than what we want to share, so while optional, this step is often necessary.

Once you’ve cropped the video and added all the filters you want to it, drag and drop the video from the preview window on top of the timeline.

Then, click on the timeline and set a starting point. Select the “Split at Playhead” button, right-click the portion of the clip you want to remove then click the “Clear” option. Follow the same steps to trim the end of the video.

Now that the video is cropped, filtered and trimmed you can finally export it. Go to File -> Export Video and select MP4 as the output format, then set the height and width to the same value (the clip must be square, remember?) and also set a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Finally, click Export, name the file and save it. When the encoding process is complete you can proceed to the steps below.

To upload the video to Instagram from your PC, you’ll still need to access the Instagram app from your phone, but you won’t need to connect your mobile device to your computer. To remove this step, you’ll need to upload the video to Dropbox (this is the cloud service we’re using in this guide, but feel free to use a different one, if you prefer so).

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a Dropbox account and install the Dropbox desktop app (or access the web interface via a web browser).

After you install Dropbox it will look like a regular folder, except that anything you store in it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. This means you can access those files from any devices that have an Internet connection. Simply drag and drop the edited video into the Dropbox folder.

Now, you’ll need to install the Dropbox app on your smartphone, open it and log into your Dropbox account.

Locate the video in the Dropbox app, tap on it then tap the down arrow located in the top right corner of the screen and select “Export”. If you have the Instagram app installed (which we assume you do), it will show up in the list of options.

Tap it, and then you’ll be able to apply effects and choose a frame to be used as the cover. Since you’ve already cropped and trimmed the video on your PC with ShotCut, ignore these options.

You will also need to install the Dropbox app on your phone and log into your Dropbox account. Find the video you uploaded and tap it once, then tap the down arrow on the top right (not the share button) and select ‘Export’. Provided you already have the Instagram mobile app installed, it will appear in the list of options. Tap it, then apply any effects you like to the video and select a frame to use as a cover (you’ve already trimmed and clipped it, so don’t worry about these options). Now you can add a caption and share the video!

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