USB Disk Security: Protect your computer from USB threats

Even though USB flash drives are immensely popular in this day and age, most people do not think twice about protecting themselves from malicious software that might be located in such drives. USB Disk Security protects your computer by scanning your USB storage devices and preventing future ones from infecting your PC.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is very simple and should not cause any issues. You might have to close your browser in order to complete the installation. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and up.


The application will first run in the tray and will immediately start protecting your computer without you doing anything else. However, the interface window offers a lot more tools than a simple USB security utility.

In the main window you will see three options which are Safe Web Navigation, Data Loss Prevention and Start Update. The latter is self-explanatory but the other two are quite interesting. Clicking on the first utility will redirect you to a browser page where you can see a huge list of sites that have been scanned by various security systems and have been proven over and over to be safe. If you are really strict or really insecure about your browsing habits you can check all of the websites you visit in the Safe Sites window as well. Simply enter a URL and you will be able to check it through a variety of internet systems like VirusTotal, MacAfee and Symantec.

In regards to the USB protection, you can either initiate an immediate scan on your USB drives or enable various security tools for your future protection. If you enable the Safe Open option, the program will automatically scan any USBs you insert to your computer and delete threats automatically before they can cause any damage. Furthermore, you can lock the USB usage in two ways. You can prevent anyone from copying files from and to the USB drives, prevent any unauthorized USB from connecting to your system or even both for maximum protection.

Lastly, there are three more tools that the program provides: Disk Cleanup, Repair System and the Autostart List. Using the first will delete the files in your temporary internet directory as they are unnecessary and they might contain security threats. Using the Repair System option will fix various problems that malicious software might have caused to your computer and the Autostart List lets you edit the applications that tart automatically every time you boot up Windows.


-Fast installation
-Updated malicious software detecting tools
-The extra utilities are a very welcome addition, making the program a very complete all-around package
-A variety of options regarding USB security


-None that would be worth mentioning


Not only does USB Disk Security provide users with very robust virus and malicious software detection and prevention tools but it also provides a lot of extra services for general security measures and computer optimization. I would recommend the program to anyone that likes resting at ease while knowing they are protected from security threats and also wants a complete package from one single application.