USB Flash Security+: Security for your USB

USB Flash Security+ is a shareware application that will let you protect your USB flash drives simply by setting up a password and securing your sensitive data so that no one else but yourself can access them.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very fast and simple with few basic options. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP1 and later as well as Windows Servers 2003 and later.


When you start the application click on the Trial button to start using it. After the main interface window comes up you will be asked to insert your USB flash drives into your computer in order to start the protection. Keep in mind that any data you currently have in your flash drive will be automatically deleted as the flash drive will have to be re-formatted. If you do not want to lose your data then you should back them up in another storage unit.

After you have inserted your USB the application should automatically update the device list with your USB and some basic information about it. If the list is not updated automatically then simply click on the Update button that starts the detection process manually. When you are ready to secure the flash drive, click on the Install button at the bottom of the interface. The application will once again inform you about the deletion of the data so you will have to confirm that.

The next step is the Disk Security settings window. There you will be able to set your password as well as a hint for it in case you forget it. Furthermore, you can enter your user details that will be displayed in the release tool and set some additional security options like locking the USB after a certain amount of failed password attempts and encrypting a protected area inside the flash drive. It should be noted that the application comes in a lot of different versions depending upon the size of your flash drive. The free edition only covers USB flash drives up to 4GB while anything higher than that needs a commercial license in order to operate. Free trials are offered for all versions.

When you enabled the protection for your USB you will notice that it appears as a very small one. However, when you run the executable file found inside it and you enter the password, it returns to its normal state and you can then use it normally until you secure it with the password again. When you want to uninstall it you will have to enable the secure mode first.


-Fast installation
-Very easy to setup and work with
-Instant security
-Multiple protection modes




USB Flash Security+ is a must-have application for those concerned about the security of their USB flash drives. In this day and age where people store important and sensitive information in their USBs, everyone will benefit from the application.