USB Lock Standard: Security for your USBs

USB Lock Standard is a simple application that will help you protect your USBs from potential malware threats as well as protect your privacy and sensitive data that you might be storing in the flash drive.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is very basic and should complete very fast for everyone. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista and 7.


After the setup is done you will be greeted by the Welcome window. The application will inform you that you need to set up a password in order to use it as most features will be blocked. Although you can skip this step it is highly recommended that you do not. When you click on the Set Password button, a small window will pop up at the right corner of your desktop. Enter your password twice and then you will be asked to enter it once more in order to access the application.

The program’s interface is really basic. The program stays on as a tray icon and every time you access the interface you will need to enter your password again. The protection modes are divided into three categories based on the type of device they can protect. The protection is off by default but you can easily enable it for each individual component by clicking on the lock icon. If at any point you need more help you can always click on the company’s logo and then on the Help option. This will open a PDF file containing the user manual with detailed instructions for each aspect of the program.

There are three more interesting features in the application. The first is the automatic mode. By clicking on the Auto-On/Off button you will be taken to the USB key creation screen. You will then be asked to remove all USB storage devices from your computer and insert a single one that you want to use as an authorization key. When you have done that simply click on the create USB key. By enabling this option you will only be able to use your USB devices when the authorized device is also connected. Otherwise, everything will automatically be locked and have restricted access.

The USB aware feature will let you check the details of the files that you have processed using your USB since the time the application was installed. Finally, clicking on the portable option will let you protect your USB files when you want to move your drive to another PC or when you want to install the software in the drive itself.


-Fast installation
-Extremely easy to use
-Very helpful user manual
-Both manual and automatic protection modes


-Outdated interface and somewhat limited in features


If you use a lot of USB drives then you might want to give USB Lock Standard a go if only for how simple it is to use it. Combine that with the protection levels that it offers and you are sure to feel safer from now on.