USB Virus Scan: Scan your portable drives for threats

Even though malicious software can be found virtually anywhere, portable drives like USB flash drives are particularly vulnerable since the viruses that affect them are both harder to detect and can spread quicker. This is why USB Virus Scan should be a part of everyone’s arsenal.

Installation & Requirements

Installing the program is both fast and easy, with the option to run it after the setup is completed. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The program is divided into several tabs and if you are having trouble with security threats you will probably need to use more than one. The first tab is the scan utility which should be self-explanatory. Simply check the targets you want the program to scan and press start. It will then give you a detailed log if any threats are found and will also advise you on the actions it can take, letting you decide.

Another interesting tab you should take note of is the “Immunity” one. The default option when installing the program is for it to prevent drives from running automatically. That means that when you insert a USB flash drive, for example, applications will not automatically run from it, which is going to protect you immediately if it is infected with viruses. Of course, if you want programs to run you can easily disable this feature by unchecking the respective box.

All of the other tabs are also related to the stability and security of your system, some of them with connections to portable drives and others are just there for general use like the processes tab. Even though most of those tools can be used manually on their own or they can be found in other programs, it is extremely convenient to have everything in one place, especially in such a small utility like USB Virus Scan. Lastly, the tools tab will let you prevent USB storage devices from even being connected to your computer so if you have to share your computer with others you can enable this option for maximum security.


-The various options add multiple layers of protection to your USB flash drives
-Extra utilities are a very welcome addition and make the application stand out as a very complete all around package
-The program is very straightforward and as such should be easy to use by everyone


-The malware cleanup function is disabled in the trial version. Users cannot test the removal tool before buying the product.


Since USB Virus Scan scans various types of USB-connected storage  devices like phones and media players, you should definitely install it if you use them a lot. Even if you do not want to pay for a license yet, you can still scan your systems and check if they are virus free. Just keep in mind that if a security threat occurs, the free version of the program alone will not be of much help.