USB Write Protect: Prevent accidental deletion or changes of data stored on USB devices

If you work a lot with USB devices, USB Write Protect is a free application that can prevent accidental file deletion or modification. This simple utility can easily prevent loss of important data stored on your USB devices but also remove the possibility of getting infected by malware.

Installation & Requirements

USB Write Protect runs on all Windows operating systems from NT to 7 and doesn’t require installation. Simply download the archive, extract its contents and run the executable file to start the application. Windows Vista and 7 users will need to run the application with administrator rights.


USB Write Protect has a functional interface listing the three main functions of the program: USB Device Write Protection – will prevent the contents of your USB devices from being deleted or modified; USB Device Lock – unauthorized users will not be able to connect USB devices to your computer; USB Device Autorun – disabled the autorun function of USB devices preventing them from automatically running and copying files onto your computer.

Each of these functions can be individually enabled/disabled. If there’s already a USB device plugged in while you’re changing the settings, remove it and re-insert it for the modifications to take effect.

Keep in mind that USB Write Protect, affects only the computer where it resides. Your USB storage devices will not be protected when used on a computer that doesn’t have USB Write Protect. You can also password-protect the program’s settings and make sure no one else but you can disable USB protection. With a set password, you won’t be able to run USB Write Protect without filling it in first.

While USB Write Protect is a straightforward utility, there is a short manual that explains its features with more detail.


– Free tool, with no installation.
– Simple interface offers users three protection functions: write protection for USB devices, lock USB devices and disable USB devices autorun function.
– All functions can be individually turned on and off.
– The settings can be password protected.


– Protection is only available on the computer where the program is located.


Since USB Write Protect offers USB protection per computer, not per USB device, home users might find it particularly useful. It’s easy enough to use, even for beginners and you can set up the application on all the computers in your house.