How To: Use the FM Radio App in Windows Phone 8

If you like listening to the radio sometimes and you own a Windows Phone 8 device, we have great news for you. The FM Radio app is now available to Windows Phone 8 too.  Microsoft has introduced this app in the previous editions of Windows Phone but then decided to exclude the FM Radio feature from the list of the available applications. However, this changed with the latest update to  to Windows Phone 8 – GDDR2. As a result, Microsoft offers again the FM Radio app to its Windows Phone 8 users. In this tutorial you are going to find out how you can use this application.

Open the FM Radio in Windows Phone 8

First of all, you should plug in your headphones into your smartphone, in order to launch the FM Radio. These headphones act like an antenna, so the app needs them to work properly. Once you plugged in your headphones, you can open the FM Radio.

  • Open the Music+Videos app by tapping its tile on the Start screen, or by tapping its entry in the Apps list.
  • Flick to the collection screen and search for the radio link.When you find it, tap on it.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

  • In case you did not plug in your headphones, the following notification will appear: ”This phone uses your headphones as an FM radio antenna. To listen to the radio, connect your headphones.”

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

Search for Radio Stations in the FM Radio App

When you open the FM Radio app, you can search for FM stations.

  • If you want to search automatically for available stations, flick to the left or to the right. If you want to search manually you could swipe to the top, instead of flicking.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

According to the FM station you are listening to, you may be able to view some additional information about it.

  • An alternative way to switch to the next or the previous avaliable radio station is by tapping the Volumes buttons on your Windows Phone. The Volume Up button will switch to the next available radio station and the Volume Down button will switch to the previous one.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

Pause and Resume a Radio Station

  • When you are listening to a radio station, you will notice the Pause button on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to pause the radio station.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

  • When the radio station, which you are listening to, is paused, the Play button will show up on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to resume the radio station.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

Add a Radio Station to your Favorites

If you want to access a specific radio station faster, you could add it to your Favorites.

  • In order to do this, you could simply tap on the Add Favorite button, which is on the top left corner of the screen.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

Open Favorite Radio Stations

  • On the bottom left corner of the screen you will a ”star” button. When you tap on it, you will a list with your favorite FM stations. Then tap on the desired radio station, in order to automatically tune to it.

Remove a Radio Station from your Favorites

  • If you want to remove a radio station from your Favorites, tap the Remove Favorite button, which is on the top left corner of the screen.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

Pin a Radio Station to your Start screen

If you want to access a radio statio faster without even adding it to your Favorites list, you can possibly pin it on your Start screen.

  • Open the FM Radio app and find the radio station that you want to pin.
  • Tap and hold on the middle of the screen. Once you do it, a contextual menu will appear.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ


  • You will have three options: pin to start, settings, switch to speaker. Tap the Pin to Start option and you will be redirected to the Start screen, where you will see the newly pinned station.

Listen to Radio by using your Phone’s Speaker

Once again, you will have to plug in your headphones. However, you can switch the sound to your phone’s speaker.

  • To do this, tap and hold on the middle of the screen in order to open a contextual menu. You will be shown three options, from which you should choose Switch to speaker.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

NOTE; If you want to listen to radio by using your headphones, repeat the same process but select the Switch to headset option.

Change the Radio Region in Windows Phone 8

In the contextual menu that displays, when you press and hold on a radio station, you will notice the Settings option.

  • Tap on it and a new screen will open, where you can select your region. Unfortunately, you will have only three available options: North America, World and Japan. 
  • Tap on the proper region and your smartphone will tune to the radio frequencies that are used in your local area.

Screenshot - 22_2_2014 , 10_22_19 μμ

The FM Radio app is very useful for many Windows Phone users. Microsoft made a terrible mistake excluding it from the applications of Windows Phone 8. Fortunately, the company made the right decision and reintroduced this great app in Windows Phone 8.