Use the Offload App option in iOS 11 to remove apps without deleting their data

I think we’ve all had storage issues on our iOS devices at least every now and then. Even with storage space getting more generous with the latest smartphone models, we can still run out of free space. Luckily, the next iOS update comes with a feature that will allow us to free up space quickly. This is possible if you use the Offload App option in iOS 11.

This feature enables us to delete apps from our devices while preserving their data. The app will be removed, but since its documents and data will still be stored on the device, we can easily reinstall it and it will be restored with all the original settings and content.

Thanks to the new Offload App option, you will never need to completely uninstall apps in order to free up some storage space.

How to use the Offload App option in iOS 11

You can access this new option by going to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. All your installed apps will be listed there, so just tap on the one you want to offload. To finalize the process, tap on the ‘Offload App’ button and its data will remain on your device after it’s removed.

How to use the Offload App option in iOS 11

The ‘App Size’ is the amount of space you will free by offloading the app. The ‘Documents & Data’ is how much storage space the app will take after being offloaded. Nevertheless, the ‘Delete App’ option is also there, so if you don’t want to preserves the app data, you can use it instead.

Interestingly, iOS 11 take app offloading one step further and for space saving purposes, it offers the ability to automatically offload unused apps. You can set up this option from Settings -> iTunes & App Stores.

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