How To: Use Tapback in iMessage for iOS on iPhone or iPad

While there are plenty of emojis and GIFs to choose from in iMessage, Tapbacks can also come in handy. If you’re wondering why you should use Tapback in iMessage for iOS, you should know this feature is similar to Facebook’s reactions.

Tapbacks are small icons you can add to any incoming message reply, regardless if it contains text, photos, GIFs and other supported elements. They provide a way to quickly react without having to actually type a message.

Once you add a tapback icon to the chat bubble, both you and the recipient can see it.

How to use Tapback in iMessage for iOS

The Tapback options provide icons showing thumbs up and thumbs down symbols, a heart, a question mark, a “ha ha” icon, and an exclamation point.

To use Tapback in iMessage for iOS, you must first open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open an existing conversation, then tap and hold on an iMessage you received.

A pop-up menu with the available Tapback icons will be displayed. Tap on the Tapback you want to send. That’s it!



How to change or delete the Tapback reaction icon in iMessage

In case you accidentally sent the wrong Tapback or you change your mind and find another icon more suitable you can change the Tapback reaction icon even after you sent it.

use Tapback in iMessage for iOS

To do that, tap and hold the iMessage that contains the Tapback you want to change. To continue, tap on the new Tapback to replace the old one.

It’s also possible to remove a Tapback from an iMessage. Just tap and hold on the iMessage in question, and the pop-up with Tapback reactions will appear. Now you will need to tap exactly on the Tapback you want to delete. So if you sent a heart icon earlier, you will have to tap on that same heart icon in the pop-up to remove it from the iMessage.

Have you ever used Tapbacks in iMessage and do you prefer them over emojis?

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