[Guide] Use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10

Those suffering from motor skill impairments can use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10 to make it easier to use their iPhone or iPad. Accessibility comes with numerous features, and Touch Accommodations is certainly one that can help a lot of people.

If you’re wondering how Touch Accommodations work, it’s pretty simple. This group of Accessibility features allows you to customize how your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen reacts to your touch.

You can use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10 to ease device usage if you’re suffering from tremors and various other motor skill impairments. Here’s how to use it!

How to use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10

As expected, these options are available in the Settings app so navigate to Settings -> Accessibility and under Interaction select ‘Touch Accommodations’.

use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10

Toggle on the switch next to the ‘Touch Accommodations’ option.

use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10

Now you can enable Hold Duration and then tap on the “+” or “-” buttons. Adjusting this option is very useful if you have tremors and tend to touch the screen multiple times. Depending on the value of the Hold Duration shorter taps will be ignored.

You can also enable and tweak Ignore Repeat, which makes multiple touches within a certain duration to be considered as one.


Finally, you can enable Tap Assistance if you want to use any individual finger to perform a tap action. You can choose between “Use Initial Touch Location” or “Use Final Touch Location”, plus you can tap the “-” and “+” signs to adjust the Tap Assistance gesture delay.

If you decide to use Touch Accommodations in iOS 10, the above-mentioned options will help you customize this feature to suit your needs. As you can see, it’s very easy to tweak them, the only thing that is somewhat time consuming is experimenting a bit until you find the optimal settings.

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