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Have you ever wondered how queen Bey would look if she did not have all the money she could spend on her personal fitness and diet coaches? Probably twice as big. With Vida Health Coach, you can get a feel of what it’s like to have a personal coach and a dedicated physician in your pocket, accessible 24/7.

Health and a healthy lifestyle is the perfect norm we all want to reside in, but the reality introduces its changes. A hectic atmosphere at the office induces stress; health conditions that run in the family made its way to one of your genes; constant time deficit got you addicted to junk food; age takes its toll on your heart, limbs and blood… We all have our issues with health, and the last thing we want to do is to waste time seeing our doctors.

Vida Health Coach is a new cross-platform app startup, which raised its funds from the prominent Silicon Valley players last year. The iOS app was released last year and had a great success among the Apple users, so the company expanded the service to the Android crowd, and the port was released a few weeks ago. Here is how it works.


Your Problem

If any of the following rings a bell, you might find consolation with Vida’s coaches, who are licensed to coach patients on a number of issue related to weight loss, stress relief, detox, nutrition, health, fitness, motivational psychology.

“Health” specialist is quite a broad notion, but from what I understand Vida coaches are numerous and each is licensed in something particular, plus the app allows you to consult several coaches. So, you can include on the health list cholesterol problems, heart, arthritis, diabetes. The list possibly goes on because the company works with the licensed physicians and expands the list of the health issues they are consulting about gradually as the demand expands.

Hence, if you want to lose weight, or need help coping with stress, or would like someone to give you personalized advice on which foods are good for you and are quick to cook, reverse diabetes, Vida offers something you haven’t tried before – a live person on the other end of the line.


Vida’s Solution

The app has a free trial – one week period, during which you get to know how the app works. You register with your phone number, and go through a series of short questions, which determine what kind of coaching you need.

First, you need to define your problems you would like to address with the help of a personal coach, and then you define what kind of a coach you would prefer, based on your personality type. The coaches are divided into several types – an Analyzer, Cheerleader, Listener, Innovator, Drill Sergeant and Challenger. So, if you know your commitment to the healthy food may be easily shaken by the sight of a MacDonald’s ad, go for a Drill Sergeant to stick to your goals. The app gives you a list of available coaches in your areas of interest, complete with short bios and a list of qualifications, and you choose the one you like best.

Next, the first week starts with a free video consultation with your personal coach, during which she or he takes you through a 32-point health assessment survey to get a fuller picture of your health condition. The assessment also serves as the starting point in your personalized health improvement plan.


Features and Prices

Vida coaches are available 24/7 for a text inquiry and once a week for a video session. So, whenever you have quick inquiries, you can expect to receive thought-through, professional and timely answers from a human specialist, not Google. Get the difference?

According to Vida, the company has health experts in about 20 areas – nurses, nutritionists, physicians, personal trainers, medical assistants, and diabetes educators. They work with over 50 evidence-based health programs, and based on your needs and health condition, adapt them to devise a personalized Wellness Plan.

The Wellness Plan includes your Health Goals, Exercise, Nutrition, Expert Advice and Progress Reports. Besides providing you with the consistent coaching, your adviser will also make you feel accountable for your decisions via your progress reports. Usually, when there is someone requesting your feedback on how well you are progressing, it should give you more dedication to the good cause, rather than when there is no one but your inner self saying “not today, but I will surely commit to eating carrots and lettuce tomorrow.”

Moreover, the app connects with your health and fitness tracking devices and smartwatches to collect the vital data. In addition, you can have several coaches at no additional cost, if you have several problems you want addressed.

Moreover, the app lets you involve other people in your video and text sessions, if you have family members of caregivers helping you cope with your health condition.

The prices of the service, when the free trial week expires, are as follows:

  • $49 per month
  • $99 per three months
  • $249 for a yearly membership

Vida’s coaches normally charge $100-$300 per hour, so the app’s rates seem like a fair price for a so far unique personalized human-provided service, something we are not used to in mobile apps, yet.

Overall, it is very well worth giving a shot, especially considering the service offers a free trial week. So, if you have nutritional or weight loss goals, diabetes, dietary, fitness and workout questions, unhealthy cravings you struggle with, or any health condition that you would like to be able to ask a specialist some questions about in a daily manner – Vida might become your solution.

As far as user feedback is concerned, iOS users seem to be very happy with the service, especially the weight-loss coaching, nutritional and diabetes areas while Android users have yet to discover the innovative service. Although, it was just a matter of time till someone introduced this kind of service, we have yet to see how well it performs over time, but with the serious funding and fine experts, the service might become the new norm in the health and fitness apps niche.

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First week – free, monthly/3-months and yearly subscriptions available.