Video to GIF Converter: Convert your videos to GIF files

Video to GIF Converter is an extremely easy to use utility that will let you convert your favourite videos into animated GIF files that have grown in popularity in recent years.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is fast and very simple, offering all of the traditional options you have come to expect from installers. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The first window you will notice when you first start the application is the help window. It acts as a guide for first time users, detailing each step of the GIF Creation process using text and visual cues. It is amazingly helpful and you should definitely give it a read as it is quite small. You will probably have no questions when you read the Quickstart guide as everything is explained in a clear manner with very simple terms that do not require any technical knowledge. You can also view detailed information about the settings of the application in the next tab of the guide.

On to the main interface itself, the visuals are quite nice. The application has a distinct Mac-like visual interface that blends nicely within the program. To add a video and start the GIF creating process, you need to click on the Open button and browse your computer for the video. The application will then load it and display it in frames. The frame pictures will only show a portion of the video so if you want to view the next frames you will have to slide the video though using the icon.

When you have found the part of the video you want to convert into a gif, you need to click on the frame and then click on the opening bracket to mark the starting point. Then, click on the ending point and on the closing bracket to mark the ending. Clicking on the Preview Play button will let you see how the gif is going to play, using your start and ending points as guidance.

If you want more advanced settings like playing the gif in reverse order or looping it, you will need to click on the Settings button. You will have a lot of options there like resizing the output GIF file, settings the order the GIF plays in, skipping frames, putting in colour effects and text and much more. When you are done, simply click on the Convert button and you will be taken to the Preview screen where you can see the final GIF and save the file. Notice that the trial version will have a DEMO text appear on the GIF.


-Fast installation
-Very helpful user guide
-Extremely easy to use
-The application offers a lot of options while maintaining a user-friendly interface


-Could use some more options


If you find yourself using GIF files a lot, you should definitely try the application and create your own ones using your favourite videos. Video to GIF Converter is extremely easy to use anyway so chances are you will like it.