[Guide] View changelogs for Android apps after auto-update

View changelogs for Android apps after auto-update

The Play Store app is set to automatically update  apps by default. This process takes place in the background, so you don’t need to perform any actions to ensure you have the latest versions of your installed apps.

In theory, this seems like the perfect solution for keeping apps up to date, but it does raise a new set of issues. Sometimes you realize you prefer the old version of an app instead of the updated one, but it’s too late because the system already updated it. In other cases, new updates might cause bugs and other problems.

Furthermore, you might want to view changelogs for Android apps after auto-update, to find out all the improvements and newly added features. This can also be very useful to see any known (or fixed) issues and an app called Changelogs makes this possible and we’ll show you how to configure and use it below.

Easily view changelogs for Android apps after auto-update

To install Changelogs you can simply search for the app’s name in the Play Store app or go straight to its official Google Play page by visiting the link below.

Install Changelogs (Google Play)

Once the app finishes installing, open it and you’ll be prompted to log in with your Google account. Otherwise, Changelogs won’t be able to to contact the Google servers and download the updates. Select your primary account on the first screen and tap on ‘Allow‘ in the dialog window.

Now that you set up Changelogs, you can open the app whenever you want to see recent changes for any of your installed apps. Changelogs displays your most recently updated apps at the top, although you can resort the list alphabetically using the dedicated button.

To view the full details for a specific app, tap on its list entry and a screen with comprehensive information, including version numbers and links to official release notes will be displayed. What’s more, at the top of the screen there are shortcuts that let you launch the app, uninstall it or open its Play Store page.

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