How To: View only mail with attachments on iOS

View only mail with attachments on iOS

A crowded inbox makes it very difficult to see the emails that are actually useful. With dozens (if not even hundreds) of subscriptions and notifications, the important messages can easily get lost in the crowd. A simple solution to filter your inbox is to view only mail with attachments on iOS as these messages usually contain useful information and files.

This option is a very convenient one since you don’t need to actually clean your email inbox as well all know that can take a long time, which we’re rarely willing to give up for this purpose.

The best part is, you can view only mail with attachments on iOS without installing any third-party app – this a stock feature available in the Mail app, although many users are completely ignoring it.

Use this simple option to view only mail with attachments on iOS

More importantly, it’s very easy to use and access, just follow the steps below and you’ll be seeing only emails with attachments in no time.

Open the Mail app, go to the main ‘Mailboxes‘ view and tap on ‘Edit‘.

iOS - Mailboxes 2

Here, you can see all the different mail folders you can have displayed in the mailboxes view. For the purpose of this guide, select ‘Attachments‘ and then tap on ‘Done‘.

iOS - Mailboxes 3


You’ll be taken back to the Mailboxes view, and the new Attachments folder will be available there.

Tip: If you find the Attachments folder useful, you can move it higher on the Mailboxes view for quicker access. Simply return to the ‘Edit’ view to reorder your email folders.

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