[Guide] View song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app

Listening to music is something almost any person on the planet loves to do. Among plenty of other features designed to help us listen, download and manage our music collection, you can also view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app.

This is particularly important if you’d like to sing along as it lets you learn the lyrics faster, but also for the pure pleasure of reading the words sung in your favorite tunes.

How to view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app

There are numerous third-party apps that let you view song lyrics, but if you like to make full use of your iPhone’s or iPad’s stock features you don’t need to install any of them. It’s exceptionally easy to view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app so here’s how to do it:

Launch the Music app and play a song.

Tap on the mini player located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the “Now Playing” screen.

view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app

If you swipe up on that screen, the “Lyrics” section will be displayed. If the track you’re listening to has lyrics available, they will be shown in that section. If you don’t see any lyrics it means the song doesn’t have them available.

Once you finish reading (or singing) those lyrics you can tap “Hide” to dismiss this section.

view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app

You can also access a song’s lyrics from the “Now Playing” screen. Simply tap on the three dotted menu icon to display the Options screen, then tap on the “Lyrics” option.

This will open the lyrics of the currently playing song in a new page.

It’s nice to have the ability to view song lyrics in iOS 10 Music app, even though this feature could be more functional. I’m sure many people would appreciate the option to highlight the section of lyrics that are currently being played in the song, karaoke style. However, I’m sure Apple is always looking to make their stock apps more functional, so we will likely receive this feature in a future update.

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