Virtual Router: Share any Internet connection wirelessly

Virtual Router is a free program that can do what its name states. Whenever you might need a physical router, but you don’t have one, Virtual Router can successfully replace it. Creating a wireless hotspot may sound difficult, but in fact it’s very easy to achieve, thanks to Virtual Router.

Installation & Requirements

Virtual Router has a no-fuss setup with no adware and just a few standard settings such as choosing the install folder location and whether you want to install it for all Windows users or just the current one.

Concerning requirements, Virtual Router is using two new technologies: Virtual WiFi and Wireless Hosted Network. These are only available on Windows 7, 2008 R2 and 8, so your system has to be running under one of these operating systems. Also, your computer must be WiFi enabled (almost all modern laptops are, and even some desktops).


Virtual Router’s UI is designed to make the creation of a wireless hotspot, extremely easy so anyone could do it. To begin with, you’ll have to setup the shared network by filling in its name (SSID), password and choosing the connection you want to share from the drop-down menu.

Then, all you have to do is press the “Start Virtual Router” button and your newly created connection should appear in the Windows connections list. Also, any wireless-ready device such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones should be able to detect and connect to it, by supplying the correct password. All currently connected peers along with their MAC and IP addresses are be displayed in Virtual Router Manager.

The password is mandatory to ensure your network’s security. The program uses WPA2 encryption to secure your connection, but it also depends heavily on the strength of the password you’ve chosen so make sure it’s a good one.

By default, the program runs in the system tray and by right-clicking its icon you can access the Virtual Router Manager (the actual interface), check for program updates or exit the application.

Should you run into any problems when creating your wireless hotspot, check out the official documentation page. The program’s developer lists some quick fixes there.


– Free application with no adware included.
– Allows you to share any type of Internet connection.
– Extremely easy to create a WiFi hotspot.
– Displays all currently connected peers along with MAC and IP addresses.


– None worth mentioning.


Virtual Router is a hassle-free solution to sharing your Internet connection, when you’re lacking a router device. The program is so easy to use that anyone can benefit from it and create a wireless hotspot in just a few minutes.