VoipBuster: Call anyone, anywhere

VoipBuster is a Voice over Internet Protocol application that will let you call any number in all parts of the world in very low rates as well as call other VoipBuster users for free on their PCs.

Installation & Requirements

The application should cause no problems to anyone seeing as how it extremely simple with few basic options.  The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 SP2 and later as well as Mac OS 10.5 and later.


The first time you run the application you will need to go through the first setup wizard which will let you configure various options as well as test your internet connection in order to determine the best available network settings for your PC. You will also be required to create an account if you haven’t done so already. Make sure you have your speakers and microphone ready as well because you will have to test them. In the end you will be able to make a completely free test call to be sure that everything went smoothly.

When you are done with all that you will be taken to the main interface. You can move through different tabs in the main window by clicking on the different tabs like the Start, Contacts and Dialpad ones. Apart from the obvious calling capabilities, the application also offers an SMS and a Phone2Phone feature. With the SMS feature you can send texts to any number you wish and even set up certain times for them to be sent. With the Phone2Phone, you can call another phone with your own one through VoipBuster. This is obviously immensely helpful when you want to use your VoipBuster credit instead of your phone credit. You simply enter your number and the one you want to call and the application will call your phone first and then connect you to the other one.

Adding new contacts is as easy as pressing the plus button on the main interface’s toolbar. As the application is geared mainly towards professionals and businesses, you can add a ton of information about each contact, including their company’s name and their addresses.
There is no limit to the contacts or the type of contacts you can have, meaning you can add landlines, mobile numbers and other VoipBuster users with no issue. Of course, you can always simply enter a phone number in the search box in the bottom of the application and call them without having to add them in your contacts.


-Fast installation
-Helpful setup wizard
-Easy to use even for users with no experience
-A lot of supported countries and cheap call rates


-The interface is a bit outdated


VoipBuster is a good application to use when you own a company and you want a cheap yet effective way to manage your calling needs. Of course, home users can still find uses for it.