Voisi is a fresh Material Design recording app you can beta test right now

The Play Store offers numerous recording apps as well as other products with a broader range of features that also include recording among other capabilities. For most users, simplicity is key, and Voisi is a new app that managed to get things right in this department.

In fact, it’s so new that it’s still in beta, but worth trying nonetheless. Voisi has a sleek Material Design UI, something that should definitely be appreciated. Also, you should know the app doesn’t require root privileges for any of its functions and on top of that, it’s completely free.

Voicy lets you easily record phone calls and voice notes, plus you can start recordings directly from the notifications bar. On top of that, voice notes sync with your current calendar events and you can backup all your SMS messages and recordings to your email account.

Among Voicy’s customization options you can select what types of calls you’d like to record, specifically all, unknown numbers or only your contacts. Your recordings and voice notes are nicely stored in categories, but you can also jump to specific items using the built-in search.

The app lets you add text notes to your recordings and includes a playback function and a sharing option. You won’t get a mind-numbing set of advanced features like in RecForge II but Voicy does include several enhancements like echo and noise suppression and silence detection.

Most popular recording apps like Smart Voice Recorder, and Easy Voice Recorder come with tones of extra features, including audio editing, a scheduling function, support for multiple output formats and various adjustments. Voicy doesn’t have all of that, in fact simplicity is where this app shines. And that’s not a bad thing. Some folks just want a fast and simple way to record calls and voice notes and this the main idea behind this app.

With that said, Voicy beta just landed in the Play Store and you can become a tester by following the link below:

Try Voicy Beta (Google Play)

The app doesn’t support all devices yet, which isn’t surprising considering this is the initial beta release. If you like it, do give it a try, and perhaps contribute with feedback to help improve Voicy. Also, let us know how it works on your phone and if you have experienced any problems with the app.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, so leave us a comment below or send us a message on FacebookTwitter or Google+.