WebcamMax: Have fun with your webcam

WebcamMax is a shareware application that lets you create personalized effects for your web camera with support for a lot of programs and web services like YouTube, Skype and more.

Installation & Requirements

Although the installation should complete quite fast, you should be wary of the extra software that the installer might try to force on you. Simply uncheck the respective boxes and click Next. You might also have to give your permission to install the driver. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you launch the program for the first time you will be asked to set it as the default webcam for a number of services and applications. You can either simply press OK, which will make the program the default camera for all web applications, or uncheck whatever you want from the list. You can always edit the settings later from the Options menu.

The application’s interface is fairly straightforward with a clean design that is easy to get familiar with. In the bottom of the interface you will find the instructions. Click on any of them and your browser will open to the help page here you will be able to view a small user guide. The left side panel lets you change what appears in the bottom windows with a choice of instructions, current effects, photos and videos. Right above the bottom window you have the webcam controls so that you can pause, stop and edit your webcam as well as capture screenshots.

The toolbar on the left lets you create a lot of different effects and set the source for the webcam. Everything you change and add will appear on the right window. Although the window is attached to the main interface you can actually detach it at any point and use that to easily change your effects. There are multiple sources you can use for the webcam. Apart from the obvious default one, you can set a video or image file and capture and display your desktop.

After you have chosen a source, you can add as many effects as you want. The changes will appear immediately in any type of source so you can use it to have fun with your friends. You can also use the doodling utility to draw things in the webcam that will also appear to your partners. You can easily erase any effects by clicking on the X icon in the main interface or in the Effects window. It should be noted that the trial version of the program has a watermark on the top of the webcam source.


-Extremely easy to use
-Clean, user-friendly interface
-Tons of different effects lead to hours of fun
-Multiple webcam resources
-Seamless integration with programs that use a webcam




WebcamMax is a very fun application that you should definitely try if you want to joke around with your friends. The interface is extremely easy to use and since the effects take place in real time you can mess around with the application before you start transmitting the video.