Wedding Slideshow Studio: Easy slideshow creator

Wedding Slideshow Studio is a slideshow creator that is oriented at weddings slideshows. It will let you stitch your multimedia files together in order to create a slideshow that you can play in your favourite devices. The trial version of the program has some limitations that can be removed by purchasing a full license.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is quite simple, offering some basic options like creating shortcuts and running the program immediately after the installation is over. The application supports all Windows operating systems from version 98 and later with no additional requirements.


The developers of the program want to make it quite obvious that it is wedding-focused and the interface tells the same story. Everything is designed to look easy on the eye with bright, light colours and absolutely no technical terms whatsoever. The application is aimed at the less tech savvy crowd and you can tell immediately although that is not actually a bad thing. It still offers quite a few options for those that know how to use them but it at least makes it extremely easy for those that do not. Obviously, the program can be used to create slideshows of any kind. Even some of the available options are proof of that as they are not all wedding related.

As I mentioned before, using the program is extremely easy. There are only three steps in the whole process. Add some photos, maybe add some music, put them all in a menu and create the movie. You can even choose to burn the slideshow directly to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc or choose one of the many available video formats and upload it to one of your favourite sites like Facebook or YouTube or even just send it to your friends and family. The whole process should not take more than a few minutes and you should remember that the trial version will only let the user insert up to 36 images in a slideshow.

However, users that want more options will be pleased to know that they do exist. In every step, there are multiple editing options apart from simply adding photos, music and menus. You can add text, background music, add thumbnails, transitions, custom menu navigators and more. Furthermore, you can completely customize the output file format, including the type of video you want and its quality. All of that can be found in the bottom toolbars and they are both very visible and very accessible to anyone. Previews of the slideshows also exist so that even if you do not really know what you are doing, you will be able to review the changes before you actually create the slideshow.


-Fast and simple installation
-Extremely easy to use
-Basic but decent options for the inexperienced
-A good amount of customization options
-Integrated disc burning utility


-None that would matter to this niche


Wedding Slideshow Studio is perfect for the crowd it is aimed at. If you do not want to spend a lot of time creating a new slideshow but you still want it to look good, then you should give the program a try and it might surprise you.