WeMail: A new promising email client for Android

WeMail LogoThere are tons of free email clients to choose from (no matter which platform you’re on) but whenever I try a new one, my secret wish is to see an app that not only lets me access and use my email account(s), but it also helps me keep my messages organized ideally with very little or no effort from my part.

I find this particularly important for my smartphone, where screen space is limited (yes, even if you have a phablet it’s still not a computer screen).

WeMail is one of the newest players and besides the minimalistic and mobile friendly layout it comes with some pretty brilliant features. The mail+bubble chat logo hints at WeMail’s take on combining the robustness of email messaging with instant messaging flexibility.


Emails organized by sender

We’re so used to seeing messages in chronological order this may even seem a bit weird to you at first. Honestly, if you try it you’ll never want to go back. Say your friend Tom sends you 4 emails one after another (just because he can, ha!). Instead of seeing each new message on its own line, WeMail groups them all into the same location saving lots of space.

This way it frees up some lines so you can see more messages from other people. Obviously you can easily expand each message or groups of messages from a certain sender if you want to see more and/or reply.


Chat-like email threads

SMS messaging is already showing up like an IM conversation for quite some time (on any respectable mobile platform at least) so why shouldn’t emails? WeMail displays your e-mail conversation in a chat-style threaded manner.

It certainly makes email conversation look much friendlier and easy to browse through, especially on the phone where you don’t have the comfort of pointing and clicking with the mouse.


Voice replies

This one seems like a no-brainer, but email usually doesn’t get this kind of attention. Sure you can easily voice reply in Whatsapp, but how often do you record your voice and send it via email instead of simply sending a text message?

If you or the recipient view the message via WeMail will be able to see and play the audio reply right from a chat bubble. Otherwise it will show up as an audio attachment that can be downloaded and played.


One-tap access to attachments

If you receive lots of attachments (be it for work, personal reasons or both) you probably know that finding them on your mobile device can be a time consuming task. WeMail lets you access all of your attachments in the related interface. This makes it incredibly easy to find old files you’ve received.

It’s pretty obvious the client focuses on offering a simple, functional way to manage and use your email accounts. WeMail also has an above average built-in search function so you can easily find messages by keyword(s).

It doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles, so it may not be your cup of tea if you’re looking for a full-featured email client. Despite the fact that WeMail is new on the market, it managed to come with some innovative features that can save a ton of time for anyone that uses email frequently.

WeMail is free and currently supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL.

Have you tried WeMail? How does it compare to your current email client and more importantly do you think its a keeper? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Download WeMail from Google Play