WhatsApp expands its in-app payment system into Singapore

Following successful launches in India and Brazil, WhatsApp is now introducing a convenient feature for users in Singapore: the ability to make payments to businesses directly within a chat conversation. Meta has teamed up with Stripe, a well-known online payment processing platform, to make this possible.

By integrating Stripe Connect and Stripe Checkout solutions, WhatsApp has created an in-app payment system that enables online and offline transactions. This user-friendly feature lets customers quickly pay businesses using credit cards, debit cards, or even Singapore’s PayNow fund transfer system. As a result, communication and commerce within the app become more seamless and efficient for everyone involved.

Meta has announced that the ability to accept payments via WhatsApp is currently limited to a select number of businesses. However, they have plans to broaden its availability, allowing more merchants to benefit from this convenient feature in the coming months. To set up this payment functionality, businesses can use the WhatsApp Business app, which will guide in obtaining a Stripe account as well. This step-by-step process ensures a smooth payment system integration, making it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and conduct transactions directly through the app.

WhatsApp initially introduced its payment services in India back in 2020, using the country’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) network as a foundation for the test mode. Fast forward to 2022, the National Payments Corporation of India granted permission to Meta to extend the service, reaching an impressive 100 million users. This successful expansion paved the way for further growth in other regions. In April, WhatsApp took another significant step by launching merchant payments in Brazil, building upon the peer-to-peer payment system that had been in place for almost three years. This continued development showcases WhatsApp’s commitment to offering versatile and convenient financial solutions to its users around the globe.