WhatToDo app gives you inspiration for activities in touristic locations, tickets and travel discounts

WhatToDo app for iOS and Android

WhatToDo app for iOS and Android has a very descriptive name – it shows you the best activities in more than 1,000 destinations from all around the world. However, its name only scratches the surface of its capabilities.

Not only does the app give you inspiration for your next vacation or road trip, it also lets you book activities and airport transfers in a simple and efficient manner. For example, WhatToDo allows you to make phone calls directly from its interface to make reservations for any of the presented offers.

The built-in search is a fast way to find specific shows, attractions, restaurants, tours and more, although you can use the provided map for the same purpose. You can also save some good money with the WhatToDo app since it features exclusive discounts and promotions.

What’s more, it supports various currencies, including euros, dollars, and British pounds so it can be used from a large number of countries. Since it was designed for international use, the app allows you to switch between metric and imperial distances and it provides 24/7 customer support.

Since its developers probably make their revenue from in-app promotions, WhatToDo is a free app you can download and use at no cost whatsoever. Furthermore, you can save your favorite deals, activities and anything else you find interesting in a favorites folder, which along with the other provided features makes WhatToDo a great app to plan your next vacation and mind you, the season is just starting.

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