Win KeyFinder: Locate your product keys

Win KeyFinder is a time saving utility that lets even the most inexperienced user locate their registered product keys for Windows and Office by finding them and displaying them from the registry.

Installation & Requirements

There is no setup for Win KeyFinder. Simply download the files, extract them in a folder of your choice and run the executable file. The program supports a variety of Windows operating systems, namely 98, ME, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Using the program is really as easy as it gets. There is minimal user input as the application will automatically retrieve the registered product key for your Windows operating system and the MS Office pack you have installed and just display it to you. You only need to click on the respective tabs and the keys will be there.

When you have the keys, you can edit some parts of them. First of all, the application lets you easily alter the Owner and Organization names of your computer. Simply edit the respective fields and click on the Modify Info button and you will be greeted by another window saying that the operating was a success.

Regarding your keys, you can copy, save, print, encrypt and in some cases change them. Your operating system key cannot be changed but you can check the Windows version and then encrypt it if you want. Clicking on the encrypt button takes you to another window. There you will have to either enter the Encryption key you own or browse your computer to find the WinKeyFiles that contain the keys. You can also decrypt keys that you have already encrypted through the same window by clicking on the same and going through the same process. You can create new encrypted WinKeyFiles or simply save your registered keys as a text file if you just want easy access to them.

The only keys you can change are the MS Office ones. You will be informed that this process deleted your previous keys and will open a new MS Office activation so that you can enter your new key. This is useful is your license is about to expire and you just want to have a program that will do most of the things for you automatically.


-No installation and a small file size
-Extremely easy to use interface that requires minimal user input
-The ability to encrypt and decrypt your keys through the same application is a time saver
-You can change your Office keys in a few clicks


-Some added options would be welcome but the program works as advertised


If you want an easy way to display your MS Office and Windows operating system product keys, then Win KeyFinder will obviously be for you. Just do not expect a deep application as will you probably be disappointed unless you are simply looking to see and encrypt your keys.