[Windows 10 Tip] Here’s how you can quickly copy or share a link in Edge

What’s the old style method of copying a URL from any browser? Select it, hit Copy and then Paste. Simple enough. But there’s an even easier way to copy or share a link in Edge starting with Windows 10 Creators Update.

Back when it was launched, Microsoft Edge was quite rough around the edges (pun intended) but over time it has received a slate of useful features and capabilities starting with extensions, tab groups, support for EPUB and a dark theme.

How to quickly copy or share a link in Edge

Things have definitely changed and Edge is much more functional right now – one of its small but undeniable useful features is the ability to quickly copy and share the link of any open web page.

It’s useful even on a desktop but even more on touch screen-enabled devices. Starting with Windows 10 build 16215, Microsoft Edge has a new Sharing pane which includes a Copy Link option (although the Share feature has been available since Windows 10 build 15042). Here’s how to use it:

copy or share a link in Edge

Launch Microsoft Edge and open any web pages you want to share or copy its URL. Click or tap on the share icon located in the upper-right corner.

This will open the Share pane from where you can use the “Copy link” option to send the currently open URL to your clipboard and paste it into any supporting document or app. Furthermore, you can directly share the link through several stockĀ apps such as Mail, and OneNote, but also third-party apps such as Twitter, Dropbox, and LINE – some of them are not installed on the system by default and would have to be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Also, keep in mind that some apps will only allow you to use them for sharing links from Microsoft Edge if yo have a Microsoft account.

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