[Windows 10 Tip] Show or hide system icons in the system tray

Cezar Renta

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Windows 10 has several system icons in the taskbar system tray such as Network, Battery, Volume and others. By default, some are visible and others are hidden. You can show or hide system icons in the system tray to customize it.

In older versions of Windows, we were able to change these options only from the Control Panel. However, Windows 10 provides some new options as well as some older ones in the new Settings app.

How to show or hide system icons in the system tray

One thing worth mentioning before we continue with the tutorial is that once you disable a system icon this will also deactivate its notifications.

With that said, head to Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar.

show or hide system icons in the system tray

Scroll down to the Notification area and click on the option called “Turn system icons on or off”.

enable or disable system icons in the system tray in Windows 10

On the following page, simply enables or disable the system icons you want to be visible or not in the system tray. Close the Settings app when you’re done. The changes take place immediately and the system tray should display the system icons according to your new settings.

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