Windows 7 Manager: A complete optimization tool

Windows 7 Manager is an application that will let you enhance your Windows experience through tens of utilities that will optimize the general performance of your system. The application is offered as a trial version that lasts for 20 days.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is neatly designed and simple to use. It is also very fast as the file size is low. As the name suggests, this program is reserved for Windows 7 only. However, the developer also offers other versions of the program, each specific to XP, Vista and 8.


When you first start the application, it will ask whether you want to create a restore point or not. You definitely should as the application changes fundamental parts of Windows and messing around with them too much might create problems for your computer. A restore point is an extremely easy way to repair damage so you have nothing to lose.

Going on to the application, you will quickly notice that it is loaded with utilities. The left side panel has seven tabs, each loaded with a lot of utilities. Almost every utility has a separate window with all of the settings and options in it. Some others work straight from the main interface window. Due to the sheer amount of different tools, some of them might take longer than individual applications would but it is extremely convenient to have them all in a single package.

The information tab acts like a general hub of sorts. You will be able to view system information and you will also find the Optimization Wizard there. This utility will let you go through various tools that should be used by everyone as they determine the overall quality of a computer as well as vastly improve performance in various aspects of the PC. If you are unsure about the utilities that you want to use then this should definitely be your first stop.

All of the other tabs are very self-explanatory. Some of them are specifically there to increase the performance of your PC, others are there to help you customize it and there are even some security utilities like the ability to lock folders, set passwords and completely erase sensitive data from your computer. All of them are extremely easy to use as they are divided into simple steps that use layman’s terms for everything. Finally, you can create tasks for every single utility of the application and can even set them to activate during very specific circumstances like when your CPU usage increases or decreases by a certain amount.


-Fast and neat installation
-Clean interface with a lot of information
-A ton of utilities for every aspect of your computer
-Very helpful wizards and guided steps for inexperienced users


-Some utilities verge on the slow side


Windows 7 Manager is a fantastic all around application that will vastly increase the performance of your computer and will also optimize its quality. You should definitely give it a try since the trial version has no limitations.