WinGate: A multi-protocol network management tool

WinGate is an application that will let you share internet access between multiple computers in the same network, keep detailed logs about their usage and generally manage a large network through its sophisticated interface.

Installation & Requirements

During the installation of WinGate you will be asked about the components you want to install. Keep in mind that if you install the WinGate Network Driver you will have to restart your computer. You will also be asked to enter an e-mail address for administrative alerts but it is optional and it can also be done later on. The program supports all versions of Windows from 2000 and up as well as Windows Servers 2003 and up.


The first time you start the management utility you will be asked to allocate the proper license. The program will actually do it automatically if you choose to find one online. From there you can purchase one, activate a fully featured 30-day trial or choose the unlimited free license which comes with a few restrictions as the Standard mode of the application. When you choose a license the application will restart itself to activate it.

You will then need to choose a Database provider which will enable all of WinGate’s features. You can really just skip through this process as the default options are fine. Simply remember that your username will be Administrator with no password as a first time user and you will need to choose the option to log in as that when the application prompts you to. You can change your password later on so no need to worry about that either.

After all of that is over, you are ready to begin using WinGate and you will be transferred to the application’s main window. You can continue setting up your network of course but at this point everything is up to you. You can configure your network adapters, various services like your e-mail one and set up your web access policy. As I said before, there are various aspects to the program. Not only does it allow you to share your internet usage with other computers in your LAN network but it can also be used as a tool to completely manage the internet usage of all computers inside it. You can even restrict the sites that people in your network can visit, especially useful for a parent or a boss that wants to keep his employees at bay.

There are a ton of options that you can configure for WinGate and they are all up to you. It is as complex as you want it to be which is quite brilliant to be honest. All the information, the utilities and the networking tools are located in the left panel of the main window and Help is always located at the right side unless you choose to disable it. Less tech savvy users will find much to love in WinGate as most processes are thoroughly guided and you should never feel confused about the application.  Keep in mind that some f extra utilities can be accessed directly from the Start menu and will not be located in the management window.


-Brilliant networking tools that work flawlessly
-A ton of options to manage and monitor the network usage of all the computers that you have assigned to the application
-Clean interface with very detailed and helpful information
-A lot of extra tools to personalize the program


-Setting up the application is quite time consuming


WinGate is one of the most amazing network management applications on the market. With detailed options and the ability to completely monitor everything that goes through your network ,you will save a ton of time by setting up the application once and then let it do its own thing.