WinLock: Protect your information

WinLock is a security utility that will let you do various things to protect your computer from unwanted access, including limiting the time that anyone can use your computer if they do not know your password.

Installation & Requirements

Apart from the ability to choose from a variety of languages, the installation process is simple and fast. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows Servers 2003 and above.


The application is very pleasing to the eye and all of its features are conveniently located in the left side toolbar. They are divided into various categories regarding what area of your system you wish to protect or lock. You can lock down anything from internet access to specific files, folders and applications.

In the main window you can check the current protection status off your computer. When you first start the application you will need to enter a password and check the box that enables protection for your computer.  You can then proceed to make any protection changes you want and when you press on the OK button WinLock will simply go into the tray and you will only be able to open it and makes changes to it if you actually know the password.

The application can be extremely useful for parental control as well as access restrictions in working environments as you can lock down a ton of stuff. Moreover, you can restrict computer use to certain areas as well as set a timer for computer use. After the time you have set the computer will be locked or shut down and you will only be able to operate it again if you possess the password. You can change the password all the time and give it to the next employee and then make them change it if you wish to constantly know who uses the computer and when.

In addition to all that, there is also a logging utility. You can nitpick what functions of the computer use you want to be logged or leave it at the default setting which will really log everything that happens. The log files will be stored in a folder of your choice that you can also protect so that you are the only one who can access it to prevent unwanted editing.

Finally, you can enable the Remote Administration. That way you can simply lock and unlock files on the spot so that you have full control over the computer access at any time. You can allow people to use your computer and then check if they are doing something that they should not through the notification system and then simply block them.


-Simple installation
-A huge array of options for computer protection
-Remote Administration and the logging system present ample opportunities for complete control of a computer


-None that are worth mentioning


With so much control over anything that goes on in your computer and a fully customizable control scheme, WinLock should be the product of choice for anyone that wishes to protect their sensitive data or to simply restrict access to their computers.