WinMount: A refreshing compressing and visual mounting utility

Users that have a lot of files in their systems and wish to tidy things up a little bit but are not really experienced will find WinMount to be a refreshing alternative to all their compressing needs, as well as providing additional services like mounting.

Installation & Requirements

Installing the program takes no time and is very simple. The only thing you have to notice is that after it is over, you will be asked whether or not you want to associate certain files with the application so keep that in mind. It will also take you to a webpage where you can learn more about how to use it. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, both 32 and 64 bit.


WinMount features one of the cleanest interfaces, especially in the compression market niche. You can browse any file on your computer from the browsing window which is as simple and straight forward as Windows Explorer. All the tools of the program are placed in a toolbar so you can access them at any point and start working on your files or folders. The program supports every common compression format like ZIP and RAR so you will have no problem with that. You can also mount supported file types like ISO in a virtual disk, eliminating the need for a physical optical drive and saving precious space and time.

To create a new compressed file, you just have to click on the compress button. From there, you can either create a blank file that you can put folders into later or you can browse the files you want to compress and compile them all in a single file. You can edit various aspects of the file like whether or not you want to set a password and the compression rate. You can even add a comment if you want that you can read later with WinMount. Obviously, you can also read existing comments on such files already that other people have created by clicking the respective icon in the toolbar while having the file selected.

Moreover, the program offers a very nice addition called an SFX archive. SFX Archives are essentially .exe files that contain compressed information so you can run them at any computer, even if that computer does not have any decompression program installed. This is very handy for sharing files with people that do not want to bother installing additional software and it can even be used from a USB or other simple storage devices. You can even add a so called “magic page” in the form of an html file, showcasing your work to others.


-Incredibly clean interface that provides all the information you could possibly need without ever feeling cluttered or hard to use
-Both simple and more advanced compression options will please both parts of the user community
-SFX Archives are an amazing way to extract files and a very convenient one


-None that are worth mentioning


Whatever your compression needs may be, you cannot go wrong with WinMount. This little utility offers so many options, from compression to visual disk mounting, that you simply cannot blame it for anything. As an added bonus, it does all of those things decent and fast enough to guarantee a strong recommendation.