WinTraceRoute: Tracing tool for Windows

WinTraceRoute is a very easy to use route tracing tools from Windows that is able to intercept internet connections and display them to you much faster than the default Windows utility.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is quite fast. There are a few options provided like choosing a destination folder, a desktop shortcut and the ability to view an online help file after the setup is done. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003, 2008 and 2012.


When you start the application you will be met with the evaluation screen. It will inform you that the software is only available for a 30 day trial and if you wish to continue using it after that trial period is over, you will have to buy a license. If you click on Continue you will be taken to the program’s main interface without any more issues.

The application’s interface is very clean but basic. There are few options that you can alter and all of the information from the tracing utility will appear in the bottom part of the window. The information panel is divided into several named tabs that most experienced users will be familiar with. When you want to start tracing a website, simply enter the domain name or the website’s IP address in the appropriate box and hit enter or click on the Trace icon. The application will then automatically connect to the internet and display the information it retrieves in real time. You can stop tracing at any point by clicking on the Cancel button or by choosing the Stop Trace choice from the Action tab of the top toolbar.

The Settings tab will also offer you some more options for your tracing like resolving host names and settings up the number of hops and ping requests you can send. When you are done with your tracing and you want to save your list, you have two options. You can either export the list to a .txt file or print it directly from the application by clicking on the File tab of the toolbar. If you need any help on how to work with the application or what the various tabs represent, you can always view the online help page for more answers.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface
-Very simple to use
-Exporting and printing options on the spot


-The technological terms might deter newcomers


If you know what you are doing then WinTraceRoute will surely be right up your alley as the user friendly interface combined with the fast tracing process hugely benefit the application.