Wise Drivers: Easily update your drivers

Keeping track of all the drivers in your computer is not exactly easy. While checking for drivers is simple, it takes way too much time if you want to do everything on your own. Wise Drivers will take care of everything for you, from checking for updates to downloading and install them when applicable.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation really is quite simple with not a lot of options on offer so getting through it is very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8x as well as Windows Servers 2003 and 2008.


The self-described one-click update functions are obvious right from the beginning. A single click is more than enough for the program to find and scan all of your installed drivers and tell you which of them are out of date. The main window will tell you the types of drivers the application searches for and divides them in categories that are easily understood by everyone. Just so you see what I mean, one of the categories is “Wireless drivers” so that you know those will be covered too.

The scanning process is quite fast and in fact one of the fastest ones I have experienced yet. The accuracy of the results is not always that great though so that has to be taken into account. The process also bugs out sometimes, especially when the registration forms are broken. This is also one of the most annoying things about the application in that nothing really works unless you register. The first few times I tried to work with the program, the registration did not work and all I could do was to scan for drivers and get an empty list and a button asking me to update my drivers.

The choices in the functionality of the program are definitely bad at parts and it takes away from the experience. When everything is in working order, the one-click functions are great but when a link of the chain breaks, everything falls apart. Although the application sometimes feels like it fails to accomplish its goals, I guess it generally feels like an intuitive tool. This gets even better when you get into the settings and set everything up to suit your own needs. There is even an option to include hidden devices in the driver scans, something that not a lot of programs actually support.


-Scans and installs drivers with a few clicks
-Fast scanning process
-Decent settings menu


-Tends to break a lot
-Inaccurate results
-Needs registration to do anything


If you care for your computer’s health and want to keep your drivers updated, Wise Drivers might as well suit your needs. If the application just worked more fluently, everything about it would be great.