Wise Program Uninstaller: Remove applications without leaving any traces behind

Default uninstallers usually leave behind files, folders, shortcuts and registry entries and for that reason the software industry is developing uninstaller tools that can completely remove an application and all of its traces. Wise Program Uninstaller is one of the free programs that simplifies software removal, but not at the expense of leaving useless data behind.

Installation & Requirements

Going through the basic settings would not pose a problem for any user since the install process carries out just fine even with the default options. No adware is involved during the installation, although the final setup dialog has an option (enabled by default) that will open an URL listing other software from WiseCleaner.

Wise Program Uninstaller supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 8 and has very accessible minimum system requirements: 233 MHz CPU or higher, at least 32 MB of RAM and 10 MB of free hard drive space.


Wise Program Uninstaller’s interface has a very familiar design: as soon as you launch the program, it will automatically detect all installed software and display the results in a clean, well-organized list. For any selected program you have Safe Uninstall, Modify and Forced Uninstall options.

The Safe Uninstall function will do the trick most of the times: the utility will first launch the default uninstaller of the selected application and then scan the registry and other system areas for leftover data. The user will be able to see the detected entries and deselect any of them before removal.

Forced Uninstall is equally efficient, yet a more radical approach for scrubing the computer of an unwanted application. For this reason, the developer recommends you should only use it when the Safe Uninstall fails.

Wise Program Uninstaller also has a Modify option although it simply detects if a program’s default uninstaller has a Repair function and offers a shortcut to it. In case some entries are left behind and the program is still detected in the Control Panel, a small X button offers the option of removing any leftover data.

Wise Program Uninstaller was recently equipped with a star-based rating function for each application. Since the feature is rather new you might not see ratings even for some of the most popular programs, but that’s even more reason to contribute with ratings yourself if you plan to continue using Wise Program Uninstaller.


– Easy to set up, free application.
– Runs on any Windows operating system starting with XP.
– Displays all currently installed application in a straightforward list.
– Offers Safe Uninstall mode and a Forced Uninstall when the first one is unsuccessful.
– Users can also rate & review applications.
– Great multilingual support.


– Using other uninstallers, we’ve discovered some leftover entries that haven’t been detected by Wise Program Uninstaller. However, there is no uninstaller that can guarantee 100% clean removal for all applications.


Wise Program Uninstaller may be free, but it can successfully do the same thing as many commercial uninstallers. Besides, the easy to use functions, this removal utility now has a rating function, which in time will show relevant information about your installed programs.