Wise Registry Cleaner: The smart way of keeping the registry clean

A registry loaded with invalid and useless entries can have a major impact on system performance from slow-downs to errors and even crashes. Wise Registry Cleaner is a free tool that can get rid of any problems found in the Windows Registry in a safe, reliable manner. Moreover, the program includes a nice collection of optimization settings for system tune-up and a registry defrag tool.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s snappy install process takes the user through a few basic settings such as the destination folder, start menu folder and desktop shortcut.

Once you’ve finished configuring these options Wise Registry Cleaner installs in a few seconds. However, the last setup dialog window includes an option (enabled by default) of downloading Wise Disk Cleaner, another free PC maintenance utility from the same developer. Unless you’re interested in trying it you can always deselect the option to skip this download.

Wise Registry Cleaner runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 8. Its hardware requirements are lower than the ones of any supported OS.


A language selection box is displayed by Wise Registry Cleaner at first run. The program has three main functions divided into tabs in a clean, modern layout. The first one, Registry Cleaner lists all types of registry entries. By entering the Custom Area you will be able to select only the entry types you want to be included in the cleaning process. To help users, the program offers predefined selections, namely Recommended, Select All and Select None.

Once you’ve tweaked the Registry Cleaner you can either start the scan or use the provided scheduler to program recurring registry cleanup tasks.

The second tab, System Tuneup, offers several tweaks that can improve your system’s network, stability and performance. Users have the option of checking only the tweaks they are interested in, as well as revert to Windows default settings at any time.

The third and last tab offers the Registry Defrag tool. Just like in the case of Registry Cleanup, the process is really simple. Let the program analyze the registry and it will display the fragmentation level of your registry along with a recommendation. Wise Registry Cleaner warns the user to save all unfinished work before launching the defrag task, since completing it will require a system restart that will happen as soon as the defragmentation is over.

The Settings menu resembles the main window since it also has three tabs. One is dedicated for General settings, such as language selection, automated update check and more importantly selecting the registry scan mode (Normal, Only Safe or Deep), The second tab contains an Auto Run option called “Clean-with-1-click” that will create a desktop icon for this action. The last tab is actually a customizable exclusions list that in which you can add the registry entries you want ignored during registry cleanup.


– Fast, effortless setup process.
– Clean, intuitive interface organized as tabs.
– Customizable registry cleaner with a built-in scheduler.
– Includes several system tweaks to improve performance and stability.
– The Registry Defrag tool can efficiently analyze and defragment the Windows Registry.
– Comprehensive online documentation.


– None worth mentioning.


Wise Registry Cleaner is in fact more than a registry cleaner. Not only does it have a customizable registry cleanup tool with a built-in scheduler, it also offers registry defragmentation and a set of tweaks to improve system performance and stability in several areas.